Motivation to be a Part of Computer Science

I have spent about 7 years of my life to learn and practice Finance. Doing repetitive things in Excel sheets made me curious about finding alternative ways to automate daily tasks, and I found myself among hundreds of syntax errors in my first Python script. After noticing that I spend most of my time to advance my computer science skills rather than financial ones, I made the best decision of my life to be a problem solver.

Although I was enjoying solving algorithms, I was feeling an urgent need for the base building block – math.

Hoping to get a master degree in Computer Science, I studied mathematics and got academic credits on 7 mathematical subjects. That opened many doors for me in computer science and let me dive deep.

Now, about 5 years of software development experience, including 2 years as a professional instructor, makes me a perfect candidate for this super-exciting Master’s degree. While I review the syllabus and think of being led and instructed by the computer science professors in ADA and GWU, I feel the same joy which I felt at the turning point of my life.

This program will let me study and practice cutting-edge fields of computer science with visionary people and create solutions to amaze many.

Covering many fields of computer science this degree will widen my knowledge and let me advance my skills in big data, machine learning, and software architecture. After graduating, I will be equipped with all required knowledge to apply many advanced technologies in computer science which have been my desire recently, as optimizing search algorithms in big data and their visualization (elastic search & Kibana), stream processing – collecting and monitoring metrics from the data in motion, analyzing user activity and preferences and suggesting the most appropriate services to users (and advising optimal server configurations) with machine learning, and many more.

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As most of these applications are beyond the limits of a single software engineer, I will be thrilled to involve and work with my group mates who are curious about any of them.

Besides this, as I have seen the profound effect of teaching on improving my computer science understanding, I would be pleased to evaluate the chance of giving lectures in ADA. Given that I will have significant practical experience and my knowledge of computer science (particularly, in machine learning and data science) will be broader and deeper at the time of graduation, I believe that I will be a great live search engine for young generation. The best things in life are meant to be shared, especially, knowledge.

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