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Motivation Letter Essay

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Economics, as a field, had always fascinated me right from my school days. As I grew up, I gradually came to appreciate the importance of economics in the modern world. In the university, I was fortunate to have been exposed to many interesting and challenging fields. However, I ultimately chose to major in Accounting, which provides me with fundamental knowledge of many economic-related theories and concepts, as well as familiarity with statistics and data analysis.

I also learned the basic tenets of Economics in courses such as Finance, Management, Accounting and Public Finance.

Subsequently I enhanced it with CMA Certificate courses right after graduation in 2006 These courses revealed to me the importance of the economic sector in the society, besides that I realized that Economic and Finance professionals have the privileged opportunity of managing assets and analyzing risks to ensure the future success of a company or organization.

In 2010 and after having three years experience as Customer Service and Letters of Credits and Guarantees Officer, Business Development Officer at Bank Audi, and One year as Senior Account Officer / Corporate Business Development at Bank of Jordan, I realized the importance of finance and investment, giving the fact that the main decision of any enterprise is where to invest money and how to evaluate investment opportunities.

Therefore, I decided to pursue postgraduate studies in investment and finance that would ideally complement my academic knowledge and experience, but unfortunately the current sad situation in my country freezes all my academic chances. So I’m looking to be a part of a respectful program and an opportunity to meet people and economists in one of the world most developed nations.

In 5 years, I see myself leading an investment and financial section where I am involved building fruitful international business relations, designing structured financial products and managing well-diversified and effective portfolios by incorporating cutting edge methodologies and sophisticated tools that offer a valuable investment opportunity to the potential investor.

Throughout this course I will leverage my existing skills with the knowledge of finance and economics that will help me to achieve my medium-term career goals to manage capital, create portfolios, perform mergers and acquisitions, and ensure future economic stability for corporations, as well as helping financial services industry to make the right financial decisions that will lead to economic stability and high returns.

In the long-term, such knowledge, skills and experience will help me assist the Syrian market in designing, implementing and monitoring financial policies, planning and executing the financing initiatives, and interfacing with the financial community and investors.

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