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Motivation case study

When i first heard that the manger assigned me to be the lead the Customer Relations team i was very happy. but when start to work there i found some motivation issue with the section. as we all know the motivation is the most important thing in the work environment, and the real challenge is to keep your employees always motivated. So i did so research about the best strategy and approach to use and her the result. Applying the same strategies you use with all of your employees won’t be as productive or effective withe every one, so we have to know what is the suitable theory and approach for each group.

you have to keep the enthusiastic and motivated employees and improve their performance. in this case the most effected theory will be Goal setting theory. the research showed that there are a strong relationship between how specific and difficult was the goal and the people’s performance at the mission.

And thus the more difficult and challenging are the tasks, they will have a higher rate of performance.

This is What the goal setting theory all about. to achieve the best result from this theory, the goal must have five principle: clear, challenging goals and commit the employees to achieving them. Provide feedback on goal performance, considerate the complexity of the task. if we apply this theory in this group of employees the overall performance will improve, because there always be some task and goal to achieve and that will keep them enthusiastic and motivated.

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In addition, we can apply the Job enlargement Approach and add more variety to there work by tasks.

To understand the unenthusiastic and obstinate employees of your firm and make them more efficiency and productivity in there performance you first have to understand there needs and motivation of work. this is fundamental part between the leader and the employees (emotional control), because when the follower known that the leader is looking after them they will give their best in return. For this group of employees the best theory will be (Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory).

Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory Published by psychologist Abraham Maslow. ” this theory contends that as humans strive to meet our most basic needs, we also seek to satisfy a higher set of needs”. Maslow presents this set of needs as a hierarchy, consisting of: Physiological, Safety, Love, Self-esteem, Self-actualization. This theory will effected in this group for 2 reasons: By understanding the employees needs you will recognize that the money don’t solve everything. the people have many need you cant achieved by hard cash.Theory give the Manager the ability to satisfy the employees without costly. its not expensive to create safety environment for them or to have team social where 3


they get to know each other. that will help them to be more enthusiastic and less obstinate. on the other hand we can apply Job rotation Approach and moving the unenthusiastic employees to other sections where they can be more comfortable and enthusiastic.

The main reason for the high absenteeism and poor attitude toward the customer is dissatisfaction with the work environment.If we want to fix this problem, we first have to know what are the things that bother the staff.

Herzberg’s Motivator theory can help us to discover what are the things that make the employees Satisfaction and Dissatisfaction. the theory said that the The opposite of Satisfaction is No Satisfaction and The opposite of Dissatisfaction is No Dissatisfaction. therefor we have first to Eliminate Job Dissatisfaction (hygiene factors) such as Security, Status, Salary and Company Policies. Then Create Conditions for Job Satisfaction such as Achievement, Recognition and Responsibility. After we finish this two step the people will start to be more Satisfaction and motivated by the work environment.

the best theory for ambitious and want to advance in the organization employees is McClelland’s Human Motivation Theory. According to the theory, each person have different dominant motivators, whether these are the needs for power, achievement or affiliation. by knowing which dominant motivators work for each person in your team, you can structure praise and rewards effectively. Also by using this theory you will help your employees to be more achievable and ambitious.

In the next few lines I will explain the pest program to keep the your employees motivated and enthusiastic According to my research. Try to make the work environment more comfortable and pleasant as possible, especially for the employees with low-skill and monotonous roles. Additionally, don’t forget to Reward your team, even by saying “thank you” for them even if they do a small job.

Let them having control some time, when the people feeling that they have the control of what tasks and project they can, that give the more job satisfaction. People with low ambitious usually go for low state job, So you have to make them feel proud of what they did and treat them equally with the other employees even in the rewards. The best approach that you can use here is “Job Enrichment”, which mean simply “Increasing Job Satisfaction”.When your work assignments reflect task identity, a good level of skill variety, task significance, autonomy, and feedback, your employees are likely be much more satisfaction, also have high work effectiveness and high intrinsic work motivation.


understanding that factors that motivate your employees is the most significant part of your role as the manager. Also that will help your business to improve. More ever, providing the best environment will help you to keep them motivated and satisfaction. As a manager you have to be close to your employees and know they needs Individually.


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Motivation case study
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