Motivation and Team Case Study Essay

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Motivation and Team Case Study

The motivation theories that can be found in Two Mens and a lot of Trucks are the desire many people have to take the risk of trying to start and develop their own profitable business. The motivation Mary had to start her own business is followed up threw her franchising the company to other individuals with similar motivation. In Mary’s situation her motivation came after her children finished college and she decided to quit her career to pursue the success of the corporation. She then had given the ability to other individuals to fabricate their own motivation of success threw franchising the company. Mary’s approach to creating high-performance teams within the company started with the principles of the company. These principles are simple but vital to the company. It began with the uniforms and is followed by the attitude to treat customers how you would want your grandmother to be treated. The motivational theories in Siemens’s New Boss are proof of the need for evolving styles of leadership within corporations.

Kleinfeld had new approaches to running business. He had foresight and the motivation to request things from employees (such as working weekends) to maintain the profitability of that portion of a much larger corporation. His motivation for success was shown in his dedication to raise a family while working and going to school full time. His approach to creating high-performance teams was in experience of many different areas of the corporation and his ability to be comfortable in any international situation. Kleinfeld had a canny ability to tell stories. Another large part of his success in creating high performance teams was his personal investment in One Siemens. He personally invested in a program thus showing his confidence in the program. This increases the others to put forth the extra effort when they see the boss taking such a personal financial interest.

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