Mother Teresa St.Rose of Lima

Mother Teresa St.Rose of Lima one of the Christian missionary who worked tirelessly for the empowerment of women. She was born on January 29th 1858 at Chennai, to devout Catholic parents, and she was christened Mary Grace. She was fortunate to receive fine education under presentation nuns and excellent training for future generation.

When 18, she was invited to Alleppey in Kerala to teach in a school run by the Carmelite priests. During this period, Mary Grace became a Carmelite sister herself and in 1884 she was professed as sister and given the name Sr.

Teresa of St.Rose of Lima.

In 1887 she was given higher responsibility and was asked to go to Ernakulum to educate and care for the oppressed people there. She is one of the pioneers in starting education exclusively for girls in Kerala, in the city of Cochin. A small seed, which planted by her is now branched out to different parts of the world empowering women. Women of caliber, women who can take decision, a good mother, entrepreneur and educationist.

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Mother Teresa St.Rose of Lima

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