Mother Earth

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Mother Earth

These have been causing climate change all through the history of mother earth. Only in the last few centuries, the impact of man on climate change has accelerated.  Due to rapid industrialization and very high energy consumption, man has been drilling petrol from deep inside the earth, throwing it out into atmosphere through uncontrolled emission almost relentlessly every second and all over the world. Thus Mother earth has been subjected to artificial volcanic eruptions every second, polluting the atmosphere all around earth. This definitely has accelerated the climate change.

The expanding human population and greedy consumption of minerals and materials has resulted in rapid deforestation. This has accelerated the changes in vegetation and has accelerated the aging process of Mother Earth. Onshore and Offshore drilling of petroleum, Huge dams that generate hydro-electric power, deforestation, un-controlled mining et al could have caused changes in tectonic plate movements or accelerate earth-quakes, though it is yet to be scientifically proved.

Irrespective of man’s actions, Earth has its own life-cycle and would get doomed in few billion years. But man’s irresponsible actions as I said above have accelerated or subverted the natural process in particular directions and brought the impending doom much closer.

This doom is not for Mother Earth. It is the doom for all the species living in Mother Earth and in particular the doom for human race. So when we talk about saving Mother Earth, it’s not about saving Mother Earth. It is about saving ourselves and our progeny from faster death.


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