Mother Earth Essay

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Mother Earth

Our precious Mother Earth is the one who suffers the most because of the bad practices we do in our daily lives. We do not even consider how badly it will affect her as long as we are happy with what we are doing. We throw our garbage to places that are not supposed to be thrown at like the different bodies of water and in this case, we pollute our water and there is little clean water for us to drink. We are using up our non-renewable resources in such a short time without even thinking that it takes a very long time for nature to reproduce it. We are also cutting young and old trees without even planting new trees for replacement and because of this, flash floods and landslides happen. We continue using appliances that emit chlorofluorocarbons, which damages the ozone layer that protects us from the harmful UV rays.

These are only some of the proofs that we are very selfish. We are selfish in the sense that we think only of ourselves and don’t even care about Mother Earth where in fact she is the very reason why we live peacefully and happily. We have to do something in return to Mother Earth for all of her sufferings. After all, we owe everything to her. Now is the time to repay her. However, how can we do this? We have to be contented, aware, disciplined and responsible so that we can take care of her properly and lessen her sufferings. First, we have to be disciplined enough to do what is good and what is bad for our environment. Second, by being aware in the sense that we have to know if what we are doing have good or bad effects to her. Third, be contented on what she has given us and do not want anything more that will cause you harm. Finally, be responsible for all your actions. Remember that what you do to Mother Earth comes back to you. And one more thing, Love Mother Earth and she will love you back.

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