Mother Can Do Everything

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'Mother can do everything but can not replace it.' She is the most important and important element in our lives. The moment when the girl realizes the growth life, change of the world, attitude change. She learns to love and accept the world from a broader perspective.

Her love is as deep as the sea and she flies high into the sky. I always felt through her eyes that she could read our minds. Our worries are not hidden from her, and without her we are nothing.

She finds us responsible for providing birth and responsible upbringing of responsible citizens. For this reason, it is often seen that a child is not blamed for his mistakes, as if he were to blame

his mother. She devotes herself to her family and deliberately strives to deliver value to her

children just as she did to her mother. She is a model for the next generation. She is the only

person who works 24 hours a day and makes her family happy.

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Mother can compare with nature that throws away everything of nature, but does not expect something in return. She even fights the situation to keep her children safe and healthy. According to Indian culture, she is considered to be a major god of all living beings.

All the children would have heard you say, "I can not understand now, but once I become a mother I will remember my words." This is the phrase passed by the mother for creation. We do not need a special day of appreciation and respect for love, care and affection.

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She will always be there until the last breath. So let her gentle gesture have the opportunity to thank her at the bottom of her heart with infinite help and love.

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