Most Typical Common Technologies

Despite many benefits technology has brought to people, there are some problems with the technology that people have to duel with. There of the most typical common from technology can be named as robots, artificial intelligence, a smart home, genetic modification.

First of all, robots produce more efficient products. Robots are replacing humans in heavy industries, aviation and space. Caring for the car, carrying out the assigned tasks, even writing the required passage coherently, all these capabilities have become reality and are continuing to develop.

very quick. More and more robots are able to function more accurately, more efficiently, and more humanly than they are introduced and change our lives, our work. Automation systems will work more efficiently, more productively, but where will the products be sold when everyone is out of work? And that is the problem that experts need to solve.

Second of all, smart home is the future houses for people. Called the home of the future, the smart home has appeared.

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With the development of interconnected devices, our homes are automated and the ports become smarter. The future is ahead of us. Under the principle of automatic home, the idea is to connect the parts in the home - roller blinds, radiators, lights, doors, cameras. Thanks to the sensors, the smart home regulates power usage, anti-theft, and will alert your refrigerator. As the smart home model becomes more common in the future, our day-to-day activities will have a lot of confusion. Immediately we will think about the risks (safety and comfort) brought about by connected devices and the consequences (passive and inadequate) when they are all automated.

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Finally, genetic modification food bring so much benefits to people. The world population is increasing, while land used for agricultural production can not increase or even decrease due to urbanization. Therefore, the risk of food shortages is obvious. Increasing crop yields as well as reducing pests and weeds is one of the most important ways to ensure food and human needs. Therefore, science and technology are encouraged to create genetically modified food. In addition, gene technology is capable of synthesizing biological products or drugs used to treat diseases. Thanks to the varieties of genetically modified plants that are resistant to pests and diseases, the weather has reduced the number of insecticides and herbicides, the amount of organic and inorganic fertilizers has decreased, thus improving the environment. reduce emissions, conserve biodiversity.

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