Most Influenced People in My Life Essay

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Most Influenced People in My Life

In China, people always say, “If three people are walking together, at least one is good enough to be another’s teacher”, which means you will always be influenced by someone else in your life. For me, many people have affected me, such as my grandmother, my father, and my high school physics teacher. Each of them has some talents and characters that I really want to learn. I admire my father’s great enterprise and noble spirit. His strong spirit always influences me when I face challenges or make big decisions.

My grandmother’s thoughtfulness teaches me how to take care of myself well when I am alone and I learn that people would be nice to you when you treat them in a friendly way. Also my high school physics teacher is one of the greatest people I have ever met. He was the one who helped me most when I was growing up to an adult. I cannot think of anyone else who has influenced me more than him or her. My father is one of the most influenced people in my life. He is an enterprising entrepreneur.

He always tells me three important traits that a real man must have: enterprising, caring, and conscientious. He also likes to talk with me about what he has done to his company and employees. After hearing his experience, I want to start my own business when I graduate from university so that I can be an enterprising man like my father. He is a person whom I am familiar with the most, so I learn a lot of things from him both mentally and materially. Lots of people said that my motion and appearance completely look the same as my father’s from behind when we are walking together.

The last reason that my father is one of the most influenced people in my life is that he assists me financially in my abroad study in United States. As we know, there are not a lot of Chinese have the economic capability to send their children to study abroad. I should be grateful that my father is willing to provide me money to study abroad. My physics teacher of my high school is another person who has influenced me the most. He was a very patient man. I was a naughty boy when I was studying in my high school in Connecticut.

I skipped the classes to play basketball and video games; I always did not finish my homework; I fought with other classmates. He was still patient to teach me, so physics became the subject that I had the highest grade. He always convinced people by reasoning. In China, many teachers teach bad students by scolding them or giving them corporal punishment. He was the most reasonable teacher that I had seen since I studied in United States. I respected him very much. I just could not find any disadvantages from him.

I once had a chance to have dinner in his house and met all of his families; they were all very nice and easy going. It could be regarded as the most touching thing in the world for a bad student who was often ignored by teachers. My grandmother is also one of the most influenced people in my life. She never got mad at people no matter what they did to her. All of her neighbors evaluated her as the kindest person in their community. My grandmother is also a laborious person. She was born and growing up in the famine. There were six children for her to raise.

At that time, my grandmother had no job, so she had no extra money to buy what my father and his brothers needed. She made straw sandals every night to sell in order to buy some snacks and stationery for her sons. She took care of me for over 9 years. When I was a kid, both my parents had job to do and had no time to take care of me, so I was sent to my grandmother’s home. I love her very much because she took care of my daily life and health in the majority of my childhood. People are always influenced by the person appear in their life.

The point is that we should be thankful to the people who bring positive influence on us. I am really thankful to my enterprising father, my kind grandmother, and my patient physics teacher because they all have positive effects on me. My father provides me lots of valuable things both mentally and materially. I would still be Yiqin who can only speak Chinese not Scott who can speak both English and Chinese without my father’s help. I would not know how to get alone with people well without my grandmother’s teaching through her personal behavior as well as verbal instruction.

I feel confident in saying that I am able to hit it off with the majority of people. I said I worshipped my high school physics teacher very much, not only because he was a patient and reasonable person, but also because his influence on his family made me want to be the person like him. In the future, we may become the one who could influence others, so we must take positive influence from people around us as much as we can, and then let our good personalities to influence others. It would be one of the most important things that could make us to succeed.

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