Mormon Essay Topics


I know that we have all seen Mormons on the side of the road riding bikes in suits and knocking on doors to spread the word of their religion. Have you ever answered the door? I have always avoided the door to door Mormons until now. Somewhere in Kirtland Ohio was the beginning headquarters for… View Article

Mormon Church: Restricts Access to Holocaust Victims

This article is about the practice of the Mormon religion where they baptize holocaust victims. The members of this religion believe that the baptism allows the deceased to move on to the afterlife. This is a controversial issue among other religions, especially the Jewish population. They are very upset because they believe that the Mormons… View Article

The Early Days of the Mormons

In the early days of the Mormon Church, founded by Joseph Smith between 1820 and 1830, periods of strife and tension would follow the early members of the church around the entire United States. Beginning in the East, Joseph Smith would find it difficult to find a safe haven for the organization and headquartering of… View Article