More Than One Reality Essay

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More Than One Reality

Reality is kind of like a memory. Everyone has their own di? erent ideas of what it should be but none are necessarily the truth. For example two people who were both in the great depression could have totally di? erent thoughts on the di$cult %mes. While one could have lived on the streets struggling every day to ‘nd food and water, the other could have been among the few rich people and lived in luxury. Both of them would have very di? erent memories about how %mes were back then. The same goes for reality. While we all might agree on what is real or not our thoughts on reality could be on di? erent sides of the spectrum.

The de’ni%on of reality is “the state or quality of having existence or substance. ” If something is real to me then that’s my reality and same goes for someone else, so who’s to say that there isn’t more than one reality and why is humanity so interested in reality? I believe that humanity is so interested in reality because we are naturally curious. They say curiosity killed the cat and I believe that saying is very true. We as humans always want our ques%ons answered be it a simple ques%on like two plus two or a complex ques%on like what is reality with no real answer yet.

This curiosity is just part of our nature and it can lead to obsessions. Some people are so obsessed with ‘nding the answer to ques%ons that they devote their whole life to it and this obsession consumes them. Even if we found the answer to reality, how much would it change our everyday lives? The ques%on that we so longed for the answer to wouldn’t even make a mark on how we live our lives and the person who found this answer would have commi1ed his en%re life to ‘nd this now insigni’cant answer. I’m not saying that I’m not curious about the answer because.

I am but I know that this curiosity is much more dangerous than the answer is worth. Let’s say that there is an answer to reality; it is so far away from our knowledge right now as humans. It would be like trying to explain consciousness to animals. We as humans know who we are and are aware about ourselves and others this is what separates us from animals. Even if we could somehow communicate with animals it would be nearly impossible to explain our feeling of consciousness to them. It would be like an alien who travelled to earth trying to explain faster than light speed travel to us.

It would be too much for us to handle. Instead of trying to ‘nd the one true answer to reality everyone should have their own concept of reality and what they believe. We already have examples of this today. We have atheists, Chris%ans, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, and more that all have their own concept of reality. But all of them try to force their concepts on others. None can just accept that some people have di? erent views. Personally I am a Chris%an mostly because I asked myself if I were to die right now I would like to believe in something that would help me in the a8erlife.

If I died and God asked me why he should let me into heaven being an atheist wouldn’t help my case. With me being a Chris%an though I s%ll acknowledge that we try to put our views on other people too. Just because people a$liate with a di? erent group doesn’t mean they have the same concept of reality as them. Even though I associate myself as a Chris%an I wouldn’t consider my concept of reality the same as theirs, we just share common main ideas of reality. Just as Americans share things about reality that other people in di? erent countries don’t.

For example we believe we landed on the moon while people in other countries might think it is a hoax for fame. The area we grow up in, our parents, and even things such as what we look like can a? ect our ideas of reality. What I know to be an illusion can be someone else’s en%re reality. The people in North Korea live in an illusion to us but to them it is their reality. They believe that Kim Jung Un is the best thing since sliced bread, while we believe he has brainwashed them into thinking that by censorship and other methods.

It’s not right for us to tell them what to believe but this shows how reali%es can overlap from things such as where one lives. Another example that is now an illusion to us was magic back in medieval %mes. They believed people could control things that no one else could through magic, but we now know that these people we tricked through science. Some science is very hard to believe so the only logical thing to them was to label something that you don’t understand as magic, but we now know as science. Now even science is used to explain things we don’t understand.

Every religion and science has their own ideas on how we came to be. Science has used the big bang theory and evolu%on to explain how humans came to be even though they don’t have signi’cant evidence to make this a fact. They cri%cize religion for not having proof when they don’t have much themselves. I’m not saying that idea is wrong I’m just saying that what we once used science for is gone. We used science to stop the idea of “magic” by making a system where you have to provide evidence, enough to make it a fact. Now we just make something we don’t understand into a scien%’c theory. Science has almost become a new religion.

I have no problem with a new religion but I think that we should keep science separate from religion. Science is what we used to produce facts and religion is a serious of beliefs that act on faith and not evidence. I love science but I also believe in religion and by de’ni%on they are two di? erent things. Science could one day be used to ‘nd out the ques%on of what is reality but it can’t do that if it acts like a religion. Instead of answering the ques%on of what reality is I decided to show how there can be more than one reality because everyone has their own reality.

Since everyone has their own reality I don’t believe there will ever be a %me where everyone agrees on one concept of reality, but if there comes that day science will be needed to explain the truth of reality and for that reason science needs to stay separate from religion. I believe that by having our own reali%es this helps separate us individuals and shows our unique power as humans. Just because your reality overlaps or disagrees with someone else’s doesn’t mean they need to change.

This just shows that you are actually closer to their reality than someone whose reality doesn’t have anything to do with yours, and who knows they might be the only one with the real answer to the ques%on what is reality.

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