Morals and Ethics in All My Sons by Arthur Miller

Critique of All My Sons Arthur Miller always has something to say in his plays, whether they be a social commentary of the American Dream (Death of a Salesman) or a satirical allegory for McCarthyism of the 1950s (The Crucible). Morals and ethics are particularly present in All My Sons, and it would be difficult to finish reading its script or watching its production without being affected in some way and learning from the characters’ choices. Throughout the process of directing a scene from this play, I was able to learn from both the story Miller weaves and the collaborative effort it takes to produce and direct in the theatre world.

Following the theme our group chose for this project (honesty), the most important lesson I took from this play is that—above saving your own skin by avoiding your own problems—the best thing to do in any ethical dilemma is to tell the truth, and never to be dishonest with one another.

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As Chris says in our scene: “Being dishonest with her. That kind of thing always pays off, and now it’s paying off.” In addition, working with this group of students helped me in terms of collaboration (especially in terms of patience and understanding), as we had to overcome personal obstacles and vendettas before overcoming them and working together to make an impressive final product. In the future, I will use the knowledge and wisdom I learned from this collaborative project to better myself while working with others in similar projects, both in college and in my career.

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Also, keeping in mind the moral overarching theme of the play we produced, All My Sons, I will conduct myself with an ethical code so that what happened to this characters particular Joe Keller—will not happen to myself in my own life. This project helped me learn how to both work well with others and how to find the happy medium between providing for my loved ones and maintaining a moral and ethical business reputation.

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