Morality and Law Essay

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Morality and Law

Morality, coming from the Latin word moralitas, which is the basic human concept of what is right and what is wrong. Legislation is law which has been created by a legislature or other governing body. The term may refer to a single law, or the collective body of enacted law, while context is also used to refer to a single law. Honestly it is nearly impossible to have control over the actions of people of what is right and wrong, to totally control that aspect from society you have to start with the youth, and instill the moral character that you want implemented, this will always have to be done through a totalitarian regime.

Even then there will be people who just don’t have the same moral character at heart. So yes you can legislate the way people treat others and how they act, but you truly cannot mess with morality through legislature. One reason why you cannot control morals through legislature is that you have a very diverse population in any given country, yes there is a majority factor, but even then you have people of different factions to the majority who differ from them.

Since some people have different Religions and some none at all, it is very hard for a government to dictate what is right and wrong, because in some issues it differs. Controversial subjects like abortion and execution bring up what people personally believe are right or wrong, and from person to person it differs. For a society based on freedom of religion, it’s hard to set a definite standard on morals. Another reason that it is hard to legislate morality is that Society and its characteristics are always changing.

It is very hard to make something into law if it is always changing. We Christians don’t follow the lord of Moses, and women aren’t stoned for adultery, And the acceptance of things then are different from modern times, and probably in another 5 decades, or outlook of right and wrong will change as we change. As Christians its hard to stay close to the pure morals as the world changes around us, but if we as a people keep morals that do not harm, or hurt others we will have a society that is not dictated by the morals dictated by a government, but by ourselves.

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