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Essay on Moral

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Obsession of Perfection

At the end of "The Birthmark," Aylmer both succeeds and fails. He succeeds in that he finally rid his wife of her birthmark. He fails in that…she is dead. Finally, this story involve man’s desire to prefect what is already perfect and the use of science as a flawed tool to attain this perfection. Sure, Georgiana dies right afterwards, but the fact remains that Aylmer does indeed succeed in rem...

The Problems of Euthanasia and Infanticide

A utilitarian through and through, Singer merely applied the dictum of producing the most happiness for the most people in conjunction with his view that what matters is not the species of a creature but its sentience and ability for self-awareness. With these in mind, and all subjectivity aside, his pursuit of the legalization of euthanasia and selective infanticide are logical – as logical as ...

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Moral Lessons

Pamela's virtue affected the young Miss Goodwin who is Mr. B's daughter from a previous affair. Pamela succeeds in establishing the moral character of Miss Goodwin, who does not repeat her mother’s mistakes. The virtue described in Pamela was of a much broader and more significant scope. Pamela's effort to co-ordinate her human drives and the moral code she had learned represented the real confl...

Jeremy Bentham and Immanuel Kant

We must respect everyone in the exact same way and treat them as autonomous. As rational beings, humans are systematically united through common laws within the Kingdom of Ends. We belong to this kingdom as a member when we legislate in it universal laws while also being ourselves subject to these laws. According to Kant, everyone, no matter who they are, should be both the legislator and the foll...

Moral Lessons In LIFE

A story that adult could definitely learn from. It is stories that will give you hope of wanting to excel, wants to push yourself and wants to be more, to be all that you can be. It will remind me of having self-determination like Jonathan who bore lies and twisted truths, success and failure that no matter what happened, he kept after his search of freedom of his true self and also it remind me t...

The Compatibility of Free Will and Determinism

If a scientist were to bombard your brain with chips that would cause you to have particular values and beliefs, would it mean anything to say your choices, based on psychological motives and beliefs, are free (Lawhead, 311)? I don’t believe that it would and this argument poses a problem for the compatibilist claim. Circumstantial freedom does not sufficiently account for peoples’ actions, ju...

Immanuel Kant and Jeremy Bentham

If a gunman walked into a crowded store, would I take the gunman down to save lives putting my life in jeopardy, would I tell him the police are on their way even though I may be lying? Kant follows a strict path, one that he may have broken if faced with a certain situation, we are human of course, and this is where I side with Bentham. Being a former law officer I have seen good and bad in this ...

Kantianism and Utilitarianism

Also, it focuses on the motivation of actions, has clear and distinct set of universal rules, and is morally logical. On the other hand, Utilitarianism is based on the concept that we ought to do whatever produces the greatest overall utility and this will be the morally right action. Furthermore, it relies on the consequences of an action, has no set universal laws as each action is assessed on a...

Enthanasia Pro And Cons

That is why the present law exists, to protect me, not to encourage me to commit suicide. At the same time, a civil society should provide the means for someone in that state to be able to lead a dignified life. Mr Fung says that 'dying with dignity is humane' but how does he know? As Hamlet says, that is 'the undiscovered country'. A friend of mine died last year of cancer at 53. He was in great ...

Objections to Utilitarianism

In order for Act Utilitarianism’s to be justifiable it’s claim would have to be understood, instead of contradicting itself. Rule Utilitarianism follows the rules in the legal system, in which these rules are created to maximize happiness. According to Rule Utilitarianism, if an action is justifiable by others and the general rule is proved to reduce happiness, the rule can be changed or ignor...

Transformation: Emma and Clueless

Many of these values we hold in high esteem today, we respect people who have integrity, moral fibre and charity. Both texts are examples of bildungsroman, where protagonists undergo a moral transformation, see the light in their pathways, and understand that what they held to be important before is not as important as what it was. Cher realizes that “I was totally cluless” and “wanted a par...

Ethical Non-Objectivism

Hence, the claims of moral objectivists on the correctness of their moral evaluations can not be verified in absolute terms as a propositional claim. Any such claim carries with it a certain emotive content or a sense-experience and so these do not come under the purview of being right or wrong as the moral objectivists proclaim. A more sound treatment of these value judgements, Ayer believes is a...

Story Hunting song

I was surprisingly very inspired by the Navajo culture. It made me think of the time when I went hunting with my friend’s family back in the States. Although I didn’t recite a sacred verse to the elk we killed, I now know that I should the next time I go hunting. I feel as though I’ve learned so much about the people of Navajo and their traditions. Hunting Song teaches us about the Navajo so...

The Window Into The Soul By Wilber Arron

"You can't by scientific means," the old man said. "However I have found that a person's actions give a window onto their soul. You saved that baby this afternoon. You stopped the two men trying to harm me. Two years ago you did not kill Lex Luthor even through you had every right to do so and no one could have stopped you. Tell me why did you do all of these things? Did your programming compel yo...

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