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Monster by Walter Dean Myers

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (439 words)
Categories: Literature, Monster, Morality, Philosophy
Downloads: 29
Views: 24

Monster by Walter Dean Myers is a novel about a teen who allegedly assisted a robbery which led to the death of a man named Mr Nesbitt.

The novel genre is realistic fiction. The protagonist is Steve and the antagonist is the judicial system. It shows examples of 2 conflicts.

Man vs. Law and Man vs. Self

Steve Harmon is accused of being the lookout making sure no cops were there. If Steve had given the signal that there were cops Mr Nesbitt would be alive.

In the text it states “But yes Mr harmon was involved”(262) It also states”What would have happened if Mr. Harmon had come out of that store and gone to Mr. King and said,”There’s someone in the store”? Perhaps they would have gone someplace else to carry out there “get over,” or maybe they would have just called it a day and gone home”(260).

Through Steves journal it unravels his guilt.

It shows he was inside the drugstore after the robbery. It states “Anybody can walk into a drugstore and look around”(115). It also shows him talking to other participants of the robbery and being asked to participate. The text also states”All we need is a lookout. You down?”(150).

Morally Steve is guilty even though his verdict is innocent. He was a big part of the stick up and agreed to help. If he didnt the outcome would have been a lot different. “Steve Harmon made a moral decision”(262).

Although Steve has done some pretty bad deeds I believe that he is not a monster. I think he just feel guilty to peer pressure. He wanted to be “Cool” and “Tough” like him. It states in the novel”It was me I thought as I tried not to throw up that had wanted to be tough like them.(130) It also shows that he is frequently around people who are a bad influence. In the novel it states “Steve is sitting on a bench and James King sits with him.. King is bleary-eyed and smokes a joint as he talks”.(149)

The central theme is that if you do the deed you have to deal with the consequences that come with it whether it is good or bad. In this case Steve is responsible for his role in the crime and instead he tries to avoid it and make himself seem that he is innocent until in the end till he realizes that in a way he is responsible.

Steve is in a very bad legal situation. He lets his friends define who is which gets him 25 years to life which will take away his youth.

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