Monsoons are round the corner Essay

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Monsoons are round the corner

The flight safety circular of 3/2006 DT.31st May, 2000 has listed the hazards of dust storms/thunderstorms during pre-monsoon period. The likelihood of thunderstorms activity taking place anytime is much higher during these seasons. This calls for specific extra precautions to be undertaken to prevent any flight safety hazard and ensure totally safe flying operations. The flight safety circular 2/2006 highlighted many such precautions. The following additional precautions must be taken the ensuring monsoons/summer:- 1. The bird’s activities increase during the seasons due to higher breeding of insects. Therefore, extra vigilance must be practiced. 2. The following systems are kept serviceable and these are not released under MEL during monsoon periods:

a) Antiskid system b) Windshield wiper system c) Weather radar system d) Flap system e) Reverse thrust system

3. Due to likelihood of high winds during the periods, chocks are to be put on both sides of the wheel (minimum 6 in number). Whenever practicable (wheel temperature permitting) parking brakes be kept ‘ON’ during storm warning. 4. Tyres/brakes system should be meticulously maintained. 5. Fuel system is regularly checked for water contamination during every refueling and night check. 6. Sliding windows should be correctly adjusted so as to prevent any water ingress into the cabin. 7. All doors and sliding windows should be kept close during maintenance as far as possible to prevent rain water from entering the cabin or any other compartment. Suitable arrangement may be made to cover passenger seats/entry doors and passages areas to avoid soaking with water.

8. Aircraft parked outside on the tarmac should have control locks, propeller restraints, Pitot covers and all other blanks are required installed. Aircraft should be tied and moored to dead weights and chock provided on to both main wheel tyres. If possible, cover the engine and nose section up to sliding windows. 9. As the aircrafts are susceptible to aqua planning during monsoon, AMEs and technician are advice to replace the tyre before they become totally bald.

10. All ground vehicles, stepladders and baggage trolley should be kept in serviceable condition and parked away from the aircraft maneuvering area. Whenever in use, this equipment should be properly locked and not left unattached. 11. All the personnel should be take extra care of their health and hygiene as well as are prone to getting sick during this season.

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