Monotheism Essay Topics

Explain how the Bible shows god as a creator

In the bible God is described as the creator of everything. This is accepted without being questioned rather than being a matter of discussion. The nature of God as creator is most clearly seen in passages from genesis and Psalms. God is described as the creator meaning he designed and produced everything. According to Christian… View Article

Deities and Lesser Spirits

Deities and Lesser SpiritsGods represented in mythology possess different characteristics. Lesser gods or deities may have ultimate power, finitude, good, or evil tied to the stories that tell about their lives and existence. The purpose of this paper is to define the terms ultimate power, finitude, good and evil and identify four mythological deities that… View Article

Credo Paper

To have a belief is to have confidence, faith and trust in something that cannot always be proven right or wrong. Some families are required to have certain beliefs due to religions where as other individuals develop their own core beliefs based on experience or teaching from mentors in their life. Whether they are taught… View Article

Comparing and Contrasting the Indus River Valley

The Indus River Valley and Tigris and Euphrates River Valley civilizations are important to history, and they have some notable similarities and differences in their “institutions” of religion and politics that helped shape the development of them. One major institution that helped shape the Indus River Valley Civilization is the Aryans. The Aryans might have… View Article