Monophobia: Fear and Taught Stranger Danger

“Do I really have to come to the bathroom with you? ” I never understood why a grown woman would ask me to go to the bathroom with her, but if it made her feel safe I would. Loren will never feel secure unless she is with another person. Monophobia is a fear many people have and some even suffer from it. Many different people and animals experience this fear and it is not an easy fear to overcome. More common fears are having a fear of heights or being afraid of the dark.

Monophobia is the abnormal fear of being alone. There are different cases of monophobia; some are extreme and some are very minuscule.

Loren has always had monophobia; we were about 14 when I realized it and found out what monophobia actually was. Every time Loren had to go to the bathroom I had to accompany her. When she wanted to get something to drink I went with her. She cannot sleep alone, eat alone or walk to her classes alone.

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Having a fear is one thing, but suffering from it is another. As a result of her fear she has to schedule her classes with someone she knows. Loren always has sleepovers or she sleeps in her brother or mom’s bedroom. Simple tasks that people do alone on a daily basis, Loren cannot do.

Loren has an extreme case of monophobia, unlike Emma. Emma, my cousin, is a two year old with monophobia. Without an adult in the same vicinity as her she cries.

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Emma has to have someone constantly with her or she starts to cry. Although she is only two it is not hard to see that she has monophobia. Emma fears being alone more than any two year old I have ever known. She cannot sleep alone, or be left alone for more than a minute. Some would confuse this with separation anxiety but it is not the same. She does not have an attachment to one person, she can be with another child playing alone and be fine.

Emma could be with any adult and be okay; the crying does not occur just when she is separated from her parents or a family member; it happens when she is left completely alone. Monophobia can go away with time and can be overcome just like any other fear one might have. Humans are not the only ones that can have monophobia. Tilly, my brothers dachshund, goes wild when she is left alone. She becomes very destructive when a human is not in the house with her. Tilly when left alone in a dog kennel chews the bottom which causes damage, not only to the kennel, but to her teeth and paws.

When she becomes distressed from being alone she whimpers, digs, chews on furniture and clothes. Monophobia can be seen in a variety of people and animals. Dealing with this fear can be stressful and difficult. Overcoming any fear can be tough, but if people with monophobia want to surpass the fear than certain boundaries must be pushed. Monophobia could be a simple fear to get over and to some people it could be very difficult; it all depends on the type of case of monophobia that one would have, whether it is extreme or not. Human beings are social animals; we depend on other humans.

Infants are born unable to transport or care for themselves. Their survival depends on another human’s efforts, we learn about the world by the people who surround us. Some of us were taught that being alone is okay and being friendly is a good thing. We were all taught “stranger danger” and we were all taught that we need to have some sort of independence to survive. When I was in kindergarten my teacher taught me about stranger danger. My mother also taught me that talking to strangers was dangerous and could have a bad outcome. When I was younger I learned, from observation, how to become independent.

However, some people were unable to grasp this concept of independence and that is where Monophobia strings from. It comes from the fact that some people cannot be alone, they need that constant human contact, just like an infant would. Mono is a Greek root, meaning alone. Phobia, which is also Greek and Latin, means a persistent, irrational fear of a specific object, activity or situation . This fear is an inconvenience to many people that have it. It is not only a fear, but something you can suffer from. Monophobia can be overcome just like any fear, and just like all fears many different people or animals can be afraid of being alone.

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