Monologue Essay Topics

Dramatic Monologue

Black, black, black, that is all I can see. My cold, legs froze as I attempted to walk forward through the icy mist of the darkness. The darkness didn’t frighten me, my eyes focused on the beam of light that reflected of the tips of my shoes. To take my mind off the thought of… View Article

Elizabeth Proctor Monologue for Act 2

Who am I to trust? Mary defied my orders by leaving the house and she made me a poppet which only created trouble for me; Abigail, (not that I trusted her to begin with), must have been the one to mention my name in the court, and the worst one of all, my ‘darling’ husband… View Article

Examine the use of the dramatic monologue

“Examine the use of the dramatic monologue in the poetry of Carol Ann Duffy” Unlike the soliloquy, the dramatic monologue speaks directly to the reader and voices a single character or persona’s thoughts, this offers a better understanding of the ideas and message the poet is trying to express. The dramatic monologue is used to… View Article

Ruby Moon Monologue

Ruby Moon is set in Flamming tree grove, about a couple Ray and Sylvie who’s child Ruby goes missing. The worried parents continue to spend all their days and nights trying to piece together any information they can find about their missing daughter Ruby. As they review everything they know about the case the story… View Article