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Monitoring and tracking of income


Piso Net is basically a merge of PC rental and Arcade rental services wherein customers can pay the services by inserting coins to the machine. This machine has been making quite a buzz in the city since early 2010, but it’s not only until recently that the enterprise got the attention of business-minded folks. Piso Net is indeed a viable source of extra income especially in an area occupied by many people who are possible customers of this kind of business.

However, there is a problem that the researchers observed with the Piso Net industry concerning the lack of tracking and monitoring of the total income per Piso Net machine. Unlike the typical internet cafes out there, they have cyber cafe software that enables an internet cafe business of any size to track and monitor customers, billing and of course their income.

Consequently, the researchers are trying to aid this problem by developing a kind of system that would help small businessmen to track and monitor their income.

This system is obtainable, practicable, simple and very easy to use that even the non computer literate users can operate it. Also, the files on income are very organized that you can track any record of it in any day, month or even year.

As stated above, the system’s graphical user interface is user friendly. This system will surely help businessmen in obtaining precise, accurate and organized files. There is no internet connection required for this system to run. Its security and reliability is very good since the unauthorized personnel are not allowed to use and alter the data that are recorded.

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Statement of the problem

The lack of monitoring and tracking the income of a Piso Net machine has been the problem observed by the researchers. So in order to aid this problem, there is a need to develop a system that would help small businessmen of Piso Net. Through this system, the businessmen will know what and where his/her income is. Also, businessmen will have accurate, precise and organized files of their income so it will make the business more productive. The system will do all work with regards to monitoring and tracking of income and that makes the business more beneficial.

Objective of the study

Aiding the observed problem by developing a system that would help small businessmen is the main objective. Through this system the owners will have an efficient and organized income records. This system would probably solve the dilemma of the Piso Net machine owners.

Scope and Limitations

The researchers just focused on the monitoring and tracking of income per Piso Net machine so the system will be on the calculation of the monthly and yearly total income. The system will also display the expenses regarding extra services like printing and overnight rents. All rental transactions such as PC per PC rental rates are not included only the total income regarding that month and year is accounted.

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