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Money Essay Examples

Essays on Money

Life is dynamic, complex, and often inconsistent. Many questions in life have either vague answers or no real answer at all. Hence, the question, “Can money buy happiness?” continues to plague our minds. Tom Cooper, author of The Marauders stated, “Whoever said that money didn’t buy happiness was a damn fool. A damn fool who’d never been poor.” The irony of this lies in that “there seems to be something about extreme success that puts one at higher risk for depression – perhaps because it’s so pressurized, so lonely, or so empty” Alice G. Walton, Forbes Magazine article “Why the Super Successful Get Depressed So, the question remains: “Does wealth really buy happiness?” The answer seems to lie in one’s perspective. In DH Lawrence’s fictional short story, The Rocking Horse Winner, Hester, the money-driven mother, adamantly claims money is the answer to all that ails her. Her son, Paul, aims to please his mother, so he gambles in horse racing out of desperation to attain the money she yearns to possess. Lawrence employs symbolism and characterization to depict the damaging effects of materialism and love on individuals and families.

Market ratios
Words • 873
Pages • 4
The company’s long-term capacity Solvency refers to the company’s long-term capacity to keep up it stability over the long term. Normally measured by the debt to equity ratio, with the formula of having the total debt of the company divided by its total equity, solvency should assure investors that the company will not just survive the short term but it must also have a long life to recover long term investments which takes years to produce the needed returns. The…...
Management efficiency
Words • 405
Pages • 2
Analyses of Coca-cola’s fundamentals reveal that the company has sound financial base, well capitalized, and efficiently run. As of December 2007, its Capital was US $103. 463 B, Total assets were US $ 45. 258 B, Equity was US $ 21. 744 B, Total liabilities US $ 21. 525 B, Revenue was US $ 28. 857 B and Net income US $ 5. 981 Billion (www. thecoca-colacompany. com/investors/financial_statements. html ). The financial ratios for financial period ending 31 Dec 2007…...
Third Avenue Management
Words • 561
Pages • 3
Kmart Corporation's reorganization plan In February 2003, Kmart Corporation filed its amended reorganization plan with the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Illinois. The corporation planned to exit from bankruptcy. For almost a year since filing bankruptcy, the corporation restructured its operations, closed many of its unprofitable stores, and revised its balance sheet. A year before, the corporation had weak average sales and negative cash flows. Most of its suppliers were unwilling to provide essential stock of…...
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Investment banker
Words • 534
Pages • 3
The needs approach is a method that calculates the required life insurance needed by an individual or family to cover their needs. It basically answers how much will be needed to meet obligations at the time of death as well as the needed future income by the survivors to keep up the household. In the case of the Wright family, their total annual need is equivalent to $48,600. This value was determined by: 1. ) calculating seventy-five percent of the…...
BankFinanceMoneyWorld Wide Web
Industry Background
Words • 887
Pages • 4
In 1988, there are over 100 companies in the greeting cards industry, including the “big three”, which dominate the market. Of these three, two are publicly owned (American Greetings and Gibson Greetings), and one privately owned (Hallmark). Relatively small firms make up the rest of the industry, however they often struggle to grow due to the large costs associated with setting up substantial distribution channels, and producing diversified product lines. Due to these high start up costs the industry has…...
How to Write Articles for Money
Words • 450
Pages • 2
You may be wondering how to write articles for money. Writing articles for money is an opportunity that more and more people are becoming interested in. The idea of writing a simple instructional or informative article and being paid for it is something that appeals to many people who are interested in working from home. Writing articles for money is simply a matter of providing information or instruction to a reader and finding a place that will pay you to…...
MoneyWorld Wide Web
The Story of Great Gatsby
Words • 1414
Pages • 6
This romantic and traumatic story of Gatsby's never ending love trail encompasses only one true meaning. The struggle to catch Daisy's love and reach underlying indifference between Gatsby's Phantom dream of wealth and her high-class expectations. Fitzgerald reveals Gatsby's underlying purpose of not only gaining Daisy's love but also flexing the power of wealth and importance. This power is exposed through Fitzgerald's use of illustrative diction, social and emotional contrast, and effective and powerful syntactic organization. By taking all these…...
DesireLoveThe Great GatsbyWealth
The European Union
Words • 1829
Pages • 8
The European Union As European countries grapple with the process of transition toward the formation of a Common political and economic entity in Europe, Britain is poised to decide whether to join or how much to give up of its independent existence if it is joining. The European Union is today 25 states strong and two more states, Romania and Bulgaria are set to join in 2007. Within the E. U itself is a smaller Economic grouping called the Eurozone…...
EuroEuropean Union
Football matches
Words • 1039
Pages • 5
Because Chelsea village is significantly about the football matches, they need to be in a location that offers superior transport links, their actual location offers a versatile and wide range of transport links for example, and they are located near an underground railway station and a normal train station. The hotel is situated in the right place as well, Knightsbridge is considered to be a fashionable and wealthy town, rich business men may choose to stay at the Chelsea village…...
Financing problems
Words • 383
Pages • 2
This report outlines Friendly Cards, Inc’s current financial problems and recommends ways in which they can be alleviated. Friendly Cards is unable to sustain its high debt levels due to loan covenants being imposed by its banks. Therefore equity capital needs to be raised to meet projected growth. She is considering three possible solutions; Acquiring Creative Designs (CD) Issuing 200,000 new shares at a price of $8 to an investor consortium Going public with a stock offering. Creative Designs is…...
Financial Times
Words • 521
Pages • 3
With the slowdown in the housing industry, the GDP will substantially be affected as well. What could further aggravate the situation is the clampdown of the sub prime lending because of a surge in foreclosures on high risk mortgages. To quote Saskia Scholtes of the Financial Times: “Delinquencies and foreclosures among high-risk borrowers increased at a dramatic rate…. foreclosure rates were already 6. 09 per cent by December, while 5. 52 per cent of borrowers were late on their payments…...
Financial synergies
Words • 567
Pages • 3
Ms Beaumont was particularly interested in CD because acquiring it will provide both operating and financial synergies. The operating synergies include economies of scale, and the continuation of their high growth in sales due to the additional equity gained. Economies of scale will be realised through a 5% reduction in cost of goods sold (COGS) and a 10% decrease in other expenses, through elimination of duplications. The firm’s sales will remain steady during the year of ownership change but will…...
Financial affairs
Words • 710
Pages • 3
Training of staff on issues related to financial abuse of the elderly persons in the United States financial institutions have been introduced. The Elderly Financial Protection Network in California has worked with the California’s Banker’s Association to develop a video for training the front line personnel and their supervisors on skills needed to capture any warning signs of a possible elder abuse fraud. Banks can also help in preventing elderly financial abuse by detecting various changes that may take place…...
Employment structure
Words • 547
Pages • 3
This graph shows the trends in the employment structure of the UK over the last 300 years. Over the last 100 years ago, in 1900 people used to work for primary sector about 90%, in the secondary sector were about 60% and only less then 10% in the tertiary sector. However today in 2009 in the UK these facts are very strange unusual and different then ever before in 1980 these things has been changed and the graph shows ever…...
Current Macroeconomic Situation
Words • 333
Pages • 2
US is the leading economy of the world but is under a recession since 2008 or so. Unemployment is at record high and is the biggest problem areas for policy makers. No jobs means consumer confidence and business sentiment also suffer. The problem stared with the housing bubble in 2008 leading to a near collapse of financial biggies like Lehman Brothers. To weather that situation the US govt has been taking measures to prop up the economy, but without much…...
Costs and benefits of dollarization
Words • 1337
Pages • 6
The loss of seigniorage One important cost that Mexico will realize as a result of dollarization will be the loss of seigniorage. Seigniorage is the revenue that a country realizes from issuing currency (Joint Economic Committee). The difference between the cost of putting money into circulation and the value of the goods the money will buy is called net seigniorage (Id. ). In losing the ability to print its own currency, Mexico will lose the revenue that would have occurred…...
Youth Unemployment In The United Kingdom Economics Essay
Words • 1302
Pages • 6
The UK as a state, are accustomed to populating beyond their agencies. The Great Britain runs a big budget shortage. The money a state can non raise from revenue enhancement demands to be borrowed and particularly in UK where people are having benefits ( e-g Health NHS, Pensions and place support etc ) . This is when the Budget Deficit occurs. The Budget Deficit means the sum which Government disbursement exceeds its income over a peculiar period of clip this…...
Without the new automobile industry, the prosperity of the 1920s would scarcely have been possible
Words • 1308
Pages • 6
The USA was a very big country with a vast population and it had a larger and growing home market. It had all of its raw materials within the country itself, ad so did not rely on trade. It had many new industries and technology such as cars and telephones for its country which had adopted a new phase in which Americans changed their state of mind from saving their money for a rainy day, to spending the money now…...
CarDemandIndustryMoneyProsperityThe 1920s
 What is external debt?
Words • 1036
Pages • 5
Introduction When material resources and / or financial aspects of an economy do not cover domestic demand, the supply deficit is covered by importing goods, services and capital. International migration of capital is generated not only by the absolute need of capital mentioned above, but also by the possibility of a more favorable exploitation of the available capital in a country other than that in which it was formed. This way arise the actual flows of financial linkages among countries.…...
Western Unions Q
Words • 1702
Pages • 7
1 ) What are the mission and ends of the company?Western Union’s mission is to convey loved 1s closer. Whether our clients are directing or having money through cash-to-cash minutess, a bank history, online, or through a nomadic device, our services are linking friends, household members and loved 1s no affair where they are in the universe. It 's a large duty, and it 's the ground we are committed to client convenience. We work to organize collaborative relationships with…...
BankBusinessMedha PatkarMoney
Weekend payday advance loans – Instant cash assistance for weekend
Words • 337
Pages • 2
If you need financial help for your requirements at the end of the week then go for weekend payday advance loans. These loans provide immediate financial help in order to meet urgent and unforeseen expenses without any impediment. You easily combat with you r tough time and enjoy at the weekend with these loans. These cash advances are the most feasible option to get financial help. Characteristics Weekend payday advance loans are the loans specially meant for the weekend. You…...
Wedding loans – make special occasion even more memorable!
Words • 400
Pages • 2
Wedding is the most important day in everybody’s life! But, it involves lot of expenses. Wedding loans are basically designed to provide sufficient financial assistance to people in need of cash, for doing the arrangements. By applying for these loans, you can obtain ample amount, to fulfill your needs, and make your special day even more memorable! You can utilize the cash obtained from for financing various needs like buying wedding dresses, rings, booking hall for marriage, decorations, receptions, making…...
BankingFinanceLoanMoneyWedding Ceremony
Wealth creation through Nifty Bees
Words • 1159
Pages • 5
Introduction The purpose of the survey is to happen out usage of simple traveling mean as a tool for wealth creative activity through Nifty BeES. Technical charts i.e. graphs are being used to understand the monetary value form of Nifty BeES and place the right monetary value degree for purchasing and selling. It is found that simple moving norm is an effectual tool to happen the appropriate degrees of purchasing and merchandising Nifty BeES and make wealth from it. An…...
FinanceFinancial MarketsInvestmentWealth
Ways to Achieve Financial Freedom by Attracting Money
Words • 466
Pages • 2
In the present financial fiasco where almost every developed nation is becoming a prey to the ever increasing hunger of debts and deficiencies, we all have some right to engage our knowledge and wisdom to gather money through our financial intelligence. The words like , debt consolidation and credit card counseling, are nevertheless trying to cure us from our debts and its injuries, but what about completely escaping its blows with the help of some diplomatic and calculated money-making decisions!…...
Credit CardFinanceFreedomInvestmentMoney
How and in What Ways does Jane Austen Show the Importance of Money in the Sense and Sensibility?
Words • 1626
Pages • 7
Money appears to be a main issue of Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility". It is interesting that throughout the plot of the novel money seems to be the central issue. Affecting all the characters, it is money which pushes the plot, influences the choice of husband and marriage, establishes a place in society, seems to be influential in happiness and affects honesty and morality in characters. . Money always appeared to be a problem for the Dashwoods. They were constantly…...
Importance Of Money In LifeJane AustenMoneySense And Sensibility
Valuable tips about debt consolidation and credit card debt consolidation
Words • 476
Pages • 2
You owe big money to multiple creditors and now that your debts have blown out of proportion, you don’t know what to do. There are many reasons why people fall prey to such unfortunate situations – laid off from the job, big medical bills, sudden lifestyle change or simply lack of financial discipline. Repetitive calls from debt collectors, mail box chocked up with debt settlement notices make the situation even more stressful to cope up with. It might seem right…...
Credit CardFinanceLoanMoney
Urgent Cash Loans
Words • 348
Pages • 2
It gets a bit difficult to acquire funds at a short notice. Being a salaried individual, there aren’t many options either, which you can count upon, in circumstances like these. As you are looking to avail funds, so as to deal with some of the emergency needs, you can prefer to avail the provision of urgent cash loans. It is with these loans, which then enables you to acquire the funds instantly and that too against viable terms. With the…...
Urban Society in Mesopotamia
Words • 1376
Pages • 6
The Evolution of Urban Society in MesopotamiaWhere and when did the first urban societies appear? Were the earliest metropoliss a requirement for the development of civilisation or simply byproducts of it? These are cardinal inquiries that are attempted to be answered in surveies of the ‘urban revolution ' , which is defined as “emergence of urban life and the attendant transmutation of human colonies from simple agrarian-based systems to complex and hierarchal systems of fabrication and trade.” ( Gotham 2007…...
Unsecured Loans with No Credit Check
Words • 384
Pages • 2
The basic purpose of the loan is to cater the amount whenever people are in the trouble. However, earlier there are so rigid rules that most of the time people with defective tag and people with no property fail to avail cash at the time of emergency. Such people get depressed at the time of emergency. Here is the solution for such kind of people that is Unsecured Loans with No Credit Check. is fusion of two facility one is…...
Unsecured loans no credit check in UK
Words • 324
Pages • 2
It is not possible for everyone to have traditional or ancestor property with them. Critical condition can knock at anybody’s door. In this occasion you can apply for unsecured loans no credit check. This aid is formulated to help such people who are neither holding have any property to pledge nor are they holding any good credit score. Are you shock? Yes, you can avail this aid in short duration. Are offer by lender to the borrower for short duration.…...
Unsecured loans: Best way to handle unavoidable cash desires
Words • 420
Pages • 2
# Are you interested in entailing external financial assistance? Are you having some important financial expenditure to look after? Facing loan application rejection due to your incapability to place any collateral against the loan? Without thinking much you must go for unsecured loans. Unsecured loans could be finest funding solution available for tenants, non-homeowners or students who don’t have any valuable in their name to place as collateral. These loans supply you good money support for dealing with many important…...
Unsecured Loans Bad Credit: Avail finance without security and credit check
Words • 390
Pages • 2
Many times it has been observed that when people get trap in an uninvited financial crises they suffer a lot because of their poor credit score. At the time of emergency the condition become worst if borrower do not have any sort of valuable assets to pledge against amount with lender. As we all know that in fiscal market many loans have been introduced to help bad credit people on one condition that such people have to pledge their valuable…...
Unemployed Loans: It’s time that you can fight your issues
Words • 369
Pages • 2
Unemployed people may have more and frequent monetary issues than that of the employed ones as such type of people do not have a fixed and regular source of income. If you do not earn for your expenses and do not get a salary at the end of the month then it is quite obvious that you will find difficult in managing your daily expenses and that of your monthly fiscal issues. In addition to that, if there is a…...
Unemployed Loans: Cash for no job people
Words • 387
Pages • 2
Person who lost his job has to go through several of hard time because the lost his regular source of income which used to help him in meeting all his expense on time. Such people sometime fail to meet basic needs on time. To solve their problem most of the lender come up and has introduced Unemployed Loans. In this you will get cash in short duration. Earlier when people used to lose their job at that time they get…...
Unemployed Loans
Words • 337
Pages • 2
It is guaranteed that if you are able to access unemployed loans, you would be able to free yourself from depressing thought of being unemployed. The state of unemployment promotes different disabilities like shortage of money, lack of confidence, depression or any other mental disability, etc. If you do not have extra cash left in the bank account, you would succumb to panic stricken life. In this stage of financial crisis, it is least expected to get loans as every…...
The UBS Australian Bond Fund
Words • 1919
Pages • 8
The minimum amount that needs to invest in the UBS Australian Bond Fund will be $20,000. On the other hand, the minimum initial investment in the Russell Private Investment Series is $50,000. (Please read the conditions and information for both funds in the following web site, <www. ubs. com/australia> and <www. russell. com. au>) Source from Russell Investment Management Ltd 2007 This graph above is for you to understand more about the funds that you are going to invest in,…...
Trade deficit
Words • 2079
Pages • 9
Britain is experiencing the worst trade deficits in centuries; according to Padgham (2007), the figures released in December 2006 represented the biggest trade deficit the country has witnessed in over three hundred years. As a proportion of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), the present trade deficit is estimated at 4.3 percent, almost at par with the 1970s peak of 4.9 percent. However, unlike the mid 1970s when the trade deficit caused a Sterling crisis in the foreign exchange market, the present…...
Town Savings and Loan Bank vs CA, Negotiable Instrument Digest
Words • 347
Pages • 2
In 1983, the Hipolitos applied for and were granted a loan in the amount of Php 700,000. 00 with interest of 24% P. A. for which they executed and delivered to Town Savings Loan Bank a promissory note with maturity period of 3 years and with acceleration clause. Thy defaulted, subsequently, demand for payment were sent to them. The Hipolitos denied being personally liable on the Php 700,000. 00 promissory note which they executed. The loan was allegedly for the…...
TMB’s ‘Festival Bonanza’ for home, car loans-Miserji Research Team
Words • 168
Pages • 1
TMB’s ‘Festival Bonanza’ for home, car loans Tamilnad Mercantile Bank (TMB) has announced a “Festival Bonanza” for home and car loans with reduced rate of interest Mr S. Selvan Rajadurai, General Manager, Business Development, TMB (HO), in a release to the press, said that to meet the aspirations of the public during festival season and increase the retail loan segments, the bank has come up with a “Festival Bonanza” for home and car loans, offering competitive rate of interest to…...
BankingFestivalFinanceIron Jawed AngelsLoanMoney
The problems to estimate the cost of capital
Words • 1016
Pages • 5
Before starting to describe the problems associated to the estimation of the cost of capital, it is extremely relevant to describe its meaning: according to Investopedia, it is “the cost of funds used for financing a business”. In order to carry out this process, the companies can only be financed through equity; only through debt; or using a “combination of debt and equity” - in this particular case it is a “overall cost of capital derived from a weighted average…...
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Materialism in “Shining Modern Rocking Horse”

Lawrence skillfully uses symbolism to highlight materialism’s destructive power. The expensive “shining modern rocking horse” (Lawrence, 1) under the Christmas tree belongs to Paul. This gift comes to him from his family maintaining the desperate attempt to feign affluence. Ironically, this very gift fans the flames for Paul both emotionally and physically. This horse drives Paul mad; however, it provides him with an avenue to seize winning horse names. Most significantly though, the rocking horse is the possession that ultimately pushed him to his fateful death. Similarly, to further illustrate the damaging effects of materialism, Lawrence employs the motif of Paul’s blue, “close-set” eyes.

Lawrence creatively describes them as “blue eyes with an uncanny cold fire in them” (Lawrence, 9). The repeated mention of his blue eyes reminds the reader of Paul’s detachment and cold nature and how his unhealthy fixation on winning money brings him to the brink of insanity. Interestingly enough, Lawrence ironically refers to the same eyes as “blazing” (Lawrence, 13) with desperate desire. This symbolic representation of his eyes further demonstrates how desperately focusing on attaining material wealth can lead to a permise ultimate demise. Thus presenting further evidence that money cannot buy happiness.

In conjunction with symbolism, Lawrence masterfully uses characterization to describe the covetous mother, Hester, and the family’s financial hardship to further illustrate the damaging effects of materialism. To anyone outside of the family, Hester seems to be a loving mother who “adores her children” (Lawrence, 1). On the other hand, the dramatic irony reveals to the reader her complete lack of affection for her children. Hester’s only true love is material wealth. Friends and acquaintances hailed Hester as “such a good mother” (Lawrence, 1) who dotes on her children. In stark contrast, she and her children knew this was not true, and they saw it “in each other’s eyes” (Lawrence, 1). Despite outside appearances, there is no happiness or love in this household. Additionally, Lawrence’s use of characterization exemplifies the family’s attempts to live a life outside of their means. Hester would often complain “[t}here [is] never enough money,” to maintain their social status due to their “small income” (Lawrence, 1). Due to Hester’s constant need for money, her actions afflict Paul with an incessant desire for money. Ultimately, Hester’s madness for material possessions pushes her son to the brink of insanity forcing Paul to take desperate measures.

Materialism vs Real Happiness

The present conflict of materialism and the instinctive need for love is exemplified through the use of symbolism and characterization in Lawrence’s short story, The Rocking Horse Winner. Paul’s eyes together with the characterization demonstrates internal and external struggles within the story. Paul is determined to win the money for his mother and sets his eyes on the prize. Though, along with the symbol of the rocking horse, it creates the burning passion in Paul’s eyes and the desperation to win the large prize.

As the story goes on, Paul focuses on attaining wealth too much, which then leads him to his demise. While the symbols in this short story play a significantly large role, one of the main characters, Hester, does as well. Lawrence describes her as cold-hearted and shows no affection to her children. The mother is upset with their living conditions and blames everything on her husband’s disastrous luck. Hester showing no love to her family, especially her kids, helps to illustrate their lack of happiness due to their money shortage. Ultimately, this short story helps one to understand how money cannot buy happiness, even if the money is for someone you love.

Happiness is a choice, even if it takes effort at times. Cheerfulness does not come from attaining money and the family’s lack of money in this story did not lead Paul to pay the ultimate sacrifice. Hester’s desire towards obtaining money for the family and herself was the cause of Paul’s ultimate demise.

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How to Write Articles for Money
...Writing articles for money is different for each person, but what remains the same is that you have to find a market for the articles before you can make money from them. Selecting sites or clients who pay for articles is the first step in actually b...
How and in What Ways does Jane Austen Show the Importance of Money in the Sense and Sensibility?
...The characters of "Sense and Sensibility" were looking for the answers to all of their problems in money. They did not realize that they were looking in all the wrong places until they followed their heads and hearts and gained what they were looking...

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