Money: the Reader and William Hazlitt Essay

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Money: the Reader and William Hazlitt

Money isn’t everything, but for English writer William Hazlitt that saying couldn’t be farther from the truth. The essay he has chosen to write is a list of contradictions given to show the reader why the true purpose in life is money. Hazlitt conveys his thoughts on money to persuade others that money is everything. To persuade his reader he uses specific syntax, tone and diction to convey this message. William Hazlitt begins his passage with stating “literally and truly, one cannot get on well in the world without money” (1).

By starting the essay like this his stance whether or not money is everything is clear. As the passage develops you find that he is trying to persuade people who think money isn’t everything by belittling this with statements like “to be a burden to your relations” (39-40) to make the reader second guess them self. Also by him addressing “yourself” (45) in the passage he is directing it at a particular person or group of people. By doing these things he creates an informal essay with little detail.

Hazlitt expresses a contemptuous tone throughout the essay. In his essay he compares having no money to “laborious employment” (16) and “thrown into… a gaol,” (33) these are all situations that a majority of people dislike or do don’t want out of life. He uses this to persuade readers into his way of thinking. Hazlitt uses one huge compound sentence combining many contradictions.

This compound sentence takes up lines 2-47 which is the majority of this passage; overwhelming readers by also adding intricate diction like “gaol” (33) “acquirements” (8) all to enhance his point by still using an informal tone. In conclusion William Hazlitt attempts to persuade his non-believer readers about the advantages of money and why it is truly everything. Whether it is by burdening your family or “sitting at a desk” (17) is condemns the reader and uses negative connotations. This strikes a reader and shows reasons why money is truly everything.

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