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Essay on Money Management

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Role and Effectiveness of Auditing in Business

Due to the opportunistic nature of individuals, businesses will try to put in place measures that align the interests of principles and agents. For example, contracts are used with the aim of ensuring all entities, acting based on their self-interest, are also motivated to maximizing the organization’s values (Deegan and Unerman, 2006). To compensate against the ‘agency risk’ (expectation th...

David Berman on Money Management and Inventory

Berman knew he had to return to thinking about the bigger questions that would be posed by the host of the TV show. Yet he could not take his mind off of Zinn’s analysis. Berman smiled, knowing that his apprentice’s results were diametrically opposed to his own intuition. He recollected his conversation with the CEO and CFO of John B. River during one of the quarterly earnings calls when he wa...

Vertical and Horizontal Analysis

AccountingCoach.com Q&A Cost and Managerial Accounting Debits and Credits Depreciation Financial Accounting Financial Ratios Improving Profits Income Statement Inventory and Cost of Goods Sold Lower of Cost or Market Manufacturing Overhead Nonmanufacturing Overhead Payroll Accounting Present Value of an Ordinary Annuity Present Value of a Single Amount Standard Costing Stockholders’ Equity...

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Money Management at Gross Domestic Product

A massive layoff is an unpleasant occurrence for all involved. This is an indication of the economic state of the company as it implies downsizing of the company. In this situation, the company will impose more responsibility on the few workers that they do have. They would not be able to operate sufficiently. This would impact households this represents a decease or complete (cut) in income. The ...

Eat at My Restaurant – Cash Flow Book Review

Net Cash and Net Income are both critical elements allowing a view to the health of an organization. While it is imperative that a business has visibility to the cash available to pay debt, make investments, make capital purchases and pay its shareholders, it is equally important to have visibility to all revenue and expenses. While each tells their own story, in the end it is when used together t...

Finance Topics of Auditing and Assurance Notes

ASA require auditor to exercise professional judgment and maintain professional skepticism throughout the planning and performance of the audit to Identify and assess risk of material misstatement, whether due to fraud or error, based on an understanding of the entity and its environment, including the entity’s internal control. Obtain sufficient appropriate audit evidence about whether material...

Solution of investment

Using historical risk premiums over the 1926–2009 period as your guide, what would be your estimate of the expected annual HPR on the S&P 500 stock portfolio if the current risk-free interest rate is 3%? From Table 5.3 and Figure 5.6, the average risk premium for large-capitalization U.S. stocks for the period 1926-2009 was: (11.63%  3.71%) = 7.92% per year Adding 7.92% to the 3% risk-fre...

Audit Proposal and Money Management

It is important for companies to stay positive throughout the audit process. There are many different audit processes such as Attestation, SAS70, and SAS94 which are all effective audit strategies that may be used when auditing the company. Companies being audited should be familiar with these audit processes as well as how the audits are conducted to ensure that the process will be as smooth and...

The Financial Detective

Company M is Wal-Mart as evidenced by their known low prices and high volume-oriented strategy. They have high net fixed assets with Company N close behind because they are continuing to expand their network of distribution centers. Their inventory turnover ratio is high as they are able to replenish inventory quickly due to having so many distribution centers. Company N is Target because it is mo...

Hershey vs Tootsie Roll Companies Financial Analysis

Determining the better of two companies to invest in is risky business and involves many factors outside of the numbers provided on financial statements. However, we have seen that by looking at the liquidity, solvency and profitability of the companies against each other an over time, we can gain valuable insights as to how well the respective companies are performing in the current environment a...

Importance of EPF

If the applicant does not use the withdrawal payment for the purpose of the withdrawal is made, the applicant is considered as has committed an offence and shall, on conviction, be liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or to a fine not exceeding RM2,000.00 or to both [Section 58A, EPF Act 1991 (Amendment) 2007]. Incorrect or False Declaration or Furnishing False Documents...

New Look Jacket Inc Business Analysis

Despite the increase in the company total revenue, the company will incur an increase in the cost of direct material and direct labor due to a projected increase in the total demand for the Leather jacket. Moreover, the total fixed costs are projected to increase to $1.5 Million due to 5% increase in inflation. Despite the increase in the total costs, the company is projected to record a net incom...

Cost Benefit Analysis of CanGo Business

In conclusion, and taking into consideration the financial data of Divisional Revenues from 2009 for $58,000,000 and cash outflow of $2,250,000 to 3,000,000 (ASRS equipment, labor and other expenses) the new project will allow CanGo to increase productivity from 45 books per hour to double or triple the number of books picked per hour and at the same time employing less people. This will derivate ...

Money Management in Barangay Caranglaan

As cash flow management broad field encompassing activities and operation as planning, budgeting expenditure and cash management. The study delimited into two activities: 1.Cash inflow. Cash inflow activities are delimited on the cash budget received from the government and the generated income of the barangay. 2.Cash outflow. Cash outflow are delimited on the appropriation and allotment of cash i...

IFRS vs ASPE in Business

In comparison with ASPE, equity investments quoted in active market are measured at fair value with gains or losses going through income. Equity investments not quoted in an active market should remain at cost, subject to impairment. Finally, investments in debt under IFRS may be classified as HFT, AFS, or HTM with an amortized cost method that uses the effective interest method. This is not the c...

Efficiency Market Hypothesis and Money Management

Tests for the semi-strong, significantly and reveals Event Study. The first event study was undertaken by Fama, Fisher, Jensen and Roll (1969), though the first to be published was by Ball and Brown (1968). An event test analyzes the security both before and after an event, such as earnings announcements, stock splits and analyst’s recommendations. The idea behind the event test is that an inves...

Hedging Currency Risk at TT Textiles

In addition to the domestic rupee-dollar forward market, there was active trading for cash-settled rupee-dollar forwards in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai and London on what were termed “nondeliverable forwards” (NDF) markets. For foreign institutional investors who had limited access to the forwards markets on the domestic INR-US$ markets, the NDF market did not suffer from the constraints impos...

Master Budgeting at Cravat Sales Company

The company has an agreement with a bank that allows it to borrow in increments of $1,000 at the beginning of each month, up to a total loan balance of $40,000. The interest rate on these loans is 1% per month, and for simplicity, we will assume that interest is not compounded. At the end of the quarter, the company would pay the bank all of the accumulated interest on the loan and as much of the ...

Direct and Indirect Cash Flow in Business Management

Companies can include disclosures with either the direct or indirect statement of cash flows. These disclosures can detail any non-cash financing and investing activities. FASB often requires disclosures with the statement of cash flows. Companies can prepare a secondary statement noting any significant non-cash activities for stakeholders” ("Direct Vs. Indirect Cash Flow Method", 1999-2014)....

Mncs and Hedging Technique

This converts the obligation into a home currency payable and eliminates all exchange risk. Similarly a firm that has an agreement to receive foreign currency at a specified date in the future can determine the present value of the foreign currency receipt at the foreign currency borrowing rate and borrow this amount of foreign currency and convert it into home currency at the current spot exchang...

Quality Of Products

When someone reads the back of a V05 bottle it has no guarantee that your hair will end up shinier, or full of volume, nor does it have a guarantee like Pantene does. Pantene guarantees that if you try Pantene for ten days and do not see visible results, then they will fully refund your money back. Where was V05 when Pantene came up with this offer? They were probably trying to figure out a way to...

Tools and Statements for Financial Analysis of Company

Essentially, the cash flow statement is concerned with the flow of cash in and out of the business. The statement captures both the current operating results and the accompanying changes in the balance sheet. As an analytical tool, the statement of cash flows is useful in determining the short-term viability of a company, particularly its ability to pay bills. International Accounting Standard 7 (...

The Invisible Hand

However, the main problem with the concept of the invisible hand is that it only applies to free markets. There are market failures and the free market economy is not always the most efficient. Monopolies are a reason for this. And finally if the income distribution becomes unfair the government will have to step in and mend the flawed invisible hand, but not in the extreme way we are currently wi...

Uses of Statistics in Healthcare

Without accurate interpretation of the statistics used in the healthcare setting, there would be problems in many areas of the hospital. These problems would occur in a variety of areas including staffing problems, employee satisfaction rates, patient satisfaction rates, visitor satisfaction rates, patients developing infections, poor money management, plus many more. All of these areas are measur...


Then find the entity value of the firm in question. For example, multiply the firm’s sales by the V/sales multiple, or multiply the firm’s # of customers by the V/customers ratio. The result is the total value of the firm. Subtract the firm’s debt to get the total value of equity. Divide by the number of shares to get the price per share. There are problems with market multiple analysis. (1)...

Capital Budgeting Cases of Two Corporations

The PB is the less method used in doing a capital budgeting because it does not consider the time value of the money earned in the project. Looking at Corporation B is shows that it will take 3.31 years to payback the cash inflow to the original cash outflow or the cost of the project. So when making a decision on which corporation to use in PB it is best to take the project that pays off the init...

Data of Capital Budgeting of Two Corporations

At the end if the 5th year it is +40251 thus, 12964/53215 = 24 hence, discounted payback period will be 4.24 months. With that being said, the best choice would be acquiring Corporation B because the payback period is shorter than of Corporation A. Not to mention Corporation B has a higher IRR of 17% compared to Corporation A which has an IRR of 13%. In addition, Corporation B has a higher profita...

GREENoneTEC Product and Company Analysis

Finally, we can conclude that even if the Chinese competition is very harsh, KIOTO should make the most of it and continue to produce photovoltaic modules. In fact, it is said that Chinese materials are not solid and the rate failure is high. By modifying their branding, KIOTO could target more restricted consumers, and define them as a higher standard brand. The two key words is compete and growt...

Collecting Financial Records for Money Management

a. Budgets are a planned expenditure for a set period of time. It is based on the forecasted income and worked out as a particular percentage of allowance. b. Basically, Cash Flows are the total amount of money being transferred into and out of the business. c. The General Ledger contains all of the financial accounts of a business. d. A Profit and Loss Statement is a list of all the business inco...

Payroll System in Company

This diagram explains the proposed system to where the process is being computerized. The process is as follows: Inputs of employees’ will have to place their finger in the finger print scanner, then the process of recording, updating, sending notifications through e-mail and SMS and searching will be manipulated by the computer. The output of the process is the updated employees’ attendance ...

Accounting Basics: Assets, Liabilities, Equity

Expenses include all those monetaries that were used to acquire the goods or services of someone else. Amongst various accounts in an entity, the stocks swap and replacement costs are the fundamental accounts that change when an entity assimilates to a corporate merger. Stock swap is frequently used in the accounts of a corporate merger since it does not prohibit the shareholders of merging compan...

Revenue Recognition

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Accounting Standards Executive Committee Statement of Position 97-2, (1997) Software revenue recognition, p.08. FASB. (2012, October 13). Revenue recognition—joint project of the fasb and iasb. Retrieved from http://www.fasb.org/project/revenue_recognition.shtml Levitt, A. (1998, September 28). The numbers game. Retrieved from http://www.sec.gov...

Procurement vs Purchasing

Ballı, S. and Korukoğlu, S.2009 “Operating system selection using fuzzy AHP and TOPSIS methods,” Mathematical and Computational Applications, Vol. 14. R. F. Sean, 2007 “A new mathematical approach for suppliers selection. Applied Mathematics and Computation, vol. 185, no.1, pp. 84-95. Alexis writing. Demand media. http://smallbusiness.chron.com/functions-purchasing-department-organization-...

Welfare Fraud

By building these systems, states will have the ability to tap into three different federal agencies to verify an individual’s citizenship and Social Security number, and to check income eligibility with the Department of Revenue in “real time,” according to Kathy Betts, deputy assistant secretary for Children, Youth and Families. Anyone who applies for SNAP benefits, emergency assistance fo...

Pros And Cons Of Pay For Performance

Another disadvantage is that employees may be inclined to perform work in which is gauged in consistency with their performance appraisal leaving the less rewarded jobs conditions unattended yet they are all equality important for the well being of patients (Young, & Conrad, 2007). Some of the pay for performance programs does not meet the intended purpose because not all employees are motivat...

The Long Tail Phenomenon

It is true that Netflix and Amazon have an endless stock and don’t need to keep them in house but in time Amazon will fully own the business as it expands and offers more products for less. Amazon is global but it is unheard of to use Netflix here in Korea. I actually can use different free sites to stream free videos since the copy right laws in Korea are a bit flexible. In conclusion both comp...

Making Money at Stock Market or by Gambling

For example, those who owned stock in BP were probably doing all right until they had a vessel drop hundreds of thousands of oil into the gulf. Gambling in a casino, on the other hand is completely different. The house always a edge, and even though the edge is slim it still makes it so that the house will always win in the long run. If you are gambling in Vegas you better be using money you are w...

Financial Analysis of Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft has a higher profit margin then Apple does; however, its price over earnings, returns on equity and returns on assets fall below its competition. This can be a discouragement for anyone who is interested in the company. Yet, even though Microsoft’s overall profitability is not as good as Apple’s profitability, there could be still a chance in which the company can provide investors w...

The Nature of the Planning Process

5)Holding specific individuals or groups responsible for the attainment of corporate, divisional, and functional goals. The planning process goes beyond the mere identification of strategies; it also includes actions taken to ensure that the organization actually puts its strategies into action. It should be noted that the plan for implementing a strategy might require radical redesign of the stru...

Brand Extension as Marketing Strategy

All the customers differ in terms of their usage needs. The brand has to fill the market with variety of products as per the needs of the segments. If a parent brand is used to brand a new product that targets a new segment in the market within the same product category that was previously served by the parent brand, it is called as line extension. Line extension leads to the addition of a new and...

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