Money in Marriage Essay

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Money in Marriage

Money is a vital component for a sustainable and harmony life. Knowing the main function of money in marriage is important for a successful marriage. According to (Loh,2012) a research by Smart Money magazine, cited by shows that 70% of spouses surveyed discuss about money no less than one weekly while 36% of men and 40% of women confess that they lied to their couple about their spending. Many couples do not aware about the importance of money.

The ability to pay household and utility bills, the tendency to ensure the children get their rights as well as the chance to have a comfortable and sustainable living are therefore, the importance of money in marriage. One of the reasons why money is important in marriage is to pay household and utility bills. Just like how organizations have their organization’s financial details each year to trace how they spend their money to pay for things married couples also need to record their expenditure and examined them monthly. (Eugene, 2009).

A couples need to distribute their money to pay the energy, electrical and telecommunication bills. Electricity is necessary to run all home utilities such as refrigerator, television, radio, including hot water heaters and water pump that allow toilet to work. Besides electrical bills a telecommunication bills also need to be managed well so that we can ensure smooth communication between a family members. The example of communication utilities is such as encompass telephone, satellite television service and Internet service.

For instance communication utilities such as internet can be used by the family members especially children who are still study to find information, communicate with their friend, and sharing their opinion. A married couple also need to allocate their money for the household food budget. The monthly budget for the food and groceries of the house should be managed accurately. “It is significant to give them with a healthy-balanced diet and encourage them to work out frequently” (Vijaindren, 2012).

Parents should aware that your child needs a variety of food to fuel his growth, strengthen his immune system and support his brain and nervous system. So it can be conclude that money is important in marriage to have a healthy lifestyle because an apple a day can keep a doctor away. Another importance of money in marriage is to ensure children get their rights. A beneficial education is a necessary for children (Rosmah, 2010). Every child should have an adequate education to secure their future. Money can be used to pay necessary fees regarding the education or study.

For example, money can be used to pay an education fees for children who studying at primary, secondary or even children at the college. As an example, money is useful for buying a basic need for children education such as school uniform, stationeries, and of course a books. Every child deserved an additional education such as home tutor or tuition. With money, tuition fees and additional books can be paid consistently. According to Rosmah (2010, as cited in Lim (2010) a marriage that has consistency in money should give their children a well-nourished life.

Every parent can make their children more valuable and comfortable with money. For example provide a comfortable shelter such as personal room for their uses. Furthermore with money parents will have the tendency to ensure that children get their rights. As an example, children nowadays will request for an up-to-date gadgets, such as smart phone, tablet, or even an android phone. This can be fulfilled with money. Thus, money is important not only for an adult, but can be very useful for a sustainable in children’s life.

One of the other reasons why money is important in marriage is to have comfortable and sustainable life. Najib(2012, as cited in Shuman, 2012) “My feverent wish is to ensure that each and every one of our young productive adults and, indeed the future generation of Malaysian will have enough savings and financial assets to enjoy their retirement to the fullest”. This pension scheme is one of the ways to have a sustainable life. Many of young married couple do not aware about the importance of this pension scheme it is to persuade and influence people to set aside money for the upcoming and urgent situation.

For instance one of the family members having any major health problem such as cancer or heart problem that need to spend a lot of money to heal at least this scheme can support it. Another importance of money is to keep away the future cohort to cope with difficulty and struggle to have a sustainable and comfortable life. Life insurance gives a person chance to propose a consistent financial for his or her family in the event of disaster or poor health problem happen to the family members (Morris, 2010). With the power of money a couple can buy a life insurance for their house, vehicle and family member.

For example when a giant Tsunami hits Japan on 2012 many facilities and infrastructure has been demolished, at the same time many victim had lost their family members. So the reason why you need to take out an insurance policy is to look after who’s left behind you especially the ones that you loved. In a nutshell, the importance of money in marriage include chance to have a comfortable and sustainable life, the tendency to ensure the children get their rights as well as the ability to pay household and utility bills.

Money is vital asset that are useful for a long time, and can secure the future. Thus, money must be managed well to ensure that the flow of money will run smoothly and can lead to a sustainable life and harmony marriage. Everyone must have their own budget so we can prepare for the unpredictable thing that may occur. Tracking your money expenses, create a monthly budget, prepare for unexpected emergencies, and plan for big expenses are few steps that can be made to managed money well. This can educate a person to become a discipline and independent in his life.

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