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Life is dynamic, complex, and often inconsistent. Many questions in life have either vague answers or no real answer at all. Hence, the question, “Can money buy happiness?” continues to plague our minds. Tom Cooper, author of The Marauders stated, “Whoever said that money didn’t buy happiness was a damn fool. A damn fool who’d never been poor.” The irony of this lies in that “there seems to be something about extreme success that puts one at higher risk for depression – perhaps because it’s so pressurized, so lonely, or so empty” Alice G. Walton, Forbes Magazine article “Why the Super Successful Get Depressed So, the question remains: “Does wealth really buy happiness?” The answer seems to lie in one’s perspective. In DH Lawrence’s fictional short story, The Rocking Horse Winner, Hester, the money-driven mother, adamantly claims money is the answer to all that ails her. Her son, Paul, aims to please his mother, so he gambles in horse racing out of desperation to attain the money she yearns to possess. Lawrence employs symbolism and characterization to depict the damaging effects of materialism and love on individuals and families.

An Examination of the Main Influences on the Exchange Rate of a Currency
Words • 2770
Pages • 12
What are the Main Influences on Exchange Rate of a Currency?Currency exchange rate is an important factor for consideration in determining theeconomic growth of a country. Exchange rates play a critical role in a country's level of trade asit affects how a country trades with other nations. A higher currency exchange rate makes exportsmore expensive and imports cheaper in the foreign market thus it lowers the country's balance oftrade. On the other hand, lower exchange rate makes a country's export…...
Time is money by Benjamin Franklin
Words • 328
Pages • 2
‘Time is money’ a quote by Benjamin Franklin, US first millionaire, is a proposition that stresses the importance of time and the need to use it wisely. Time is the most valuable thing in the world, that once it has been wasted, it can never be recovered. So, by this idea it implies that time is more valuable than money itself, money can be exchanged back and forth and if you lose it you can gain it back by working hard. Some people view time as minutes, hours, days, but I view time as opportunities waiting to happen. We commonly run into people who may have wasted…...
Benjamin FranklinMoneyTimeTime Is Money
Money Issues in the World of College Athletes
Words • 1365
Pages • 6
There are dozens of ongoing controversial debates in the world of college athletics, mostly related to money issues. A debatable factor falling into this topic is whether or not college athletes should get money for their involvement.. The National Collegiate Athletic Association is an organization headed by members dedicated to college athletes well-being and lifelong success. The main purpose of the NCAA is to control competition fairly, and safely to integrate athletics into higher education. As of today, student athletes…...
CollegeMoneyPaying College AthletesTeamWorld
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Best Hiking Backpacks for under 100 Dollars
Words • 839
Pages • 4
Hiking in the great outdoors should be a fun and memorable experience. But there's nothing fun about spending a lot of money. Unfortunately, it can be tough finding well made hiking backpacks for less than $100. The good news is that high quality low-cost backpacks do exist, it just takes some digging around online. This guide has already done that for you, and will list the best hiking backpacks for under $100. It will also go over some of the…...
Old Money vs New Money Great Gatsby
Words • 993
Pages • 4
In the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald social class is determined by how much money you have and by where you live. The novel describes East Egg, where the more prosperous people live, and West Egg, where the common people live, to separate the social classes. Even though Jay Gatsby does have a lot of money and lives in West Egg, most of the money he has earned was attained in an illegal way. If money was…...
MoneyThe Great Gatsby
Connection Between Critical Thinking and Money
Words • 3053
Pages • 13
In any society, specifically a capitalist one such as that of the United States, money has an overwhelming importance in one’s everyday life. Being the only physical currency in the country, money is the most commonly used means of trading among people. Yet, despite this importance, it is apparent that several people are careless or do not know how to handle their money. This is especially common among younger people. Lack of money management skills is a massive hinderance for…...
Critical ThinkingMoney
Overview Bitcoin Virtual Currency
Words • 411
Pages • 2
In the real world there are two kinds of Currency. One is that the Actual Currency and the therefore the alternative is the Virtual Currency. One kind of virtual currency is Bitcoin. It is a cryptanalytic cash, one variety of electronic cash. It is redistributed processed money while not a central or simple bank administrator. Bitcoin is organized as a peer-to-peer network architecture on the Internet. The term peer-to-peer implies that the PCs that take an interest in the system…...
Overview of Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology
Words • 1600
Pages • 7
Introduction Before beginning some thing about the bitcoin, we want to recognize that 'What the bitcoins are and the way they arrive in life?'. Bitcoin is a virtual foreign money like other digital foreign money, virtual forex, or electronic cash which use to transact the amount (Digital foreign money) from one person to every other.Bitcoin is symbolically known as BTC. Bitcoin is a peer to look payment gadget evolved by 'Satoshi Nakamoto' within the 12 months 2009. Bitcoin is the…...
Hobbies That Make Money: Have Fun and Get Paid
Words • 3133
Pages • 13
Very few people would have thought that their crazy fun hobbies can actually make them big money. Some realize this early, but most of them realize this very late. This article will help you in understanding how your fun hobbies can make you money, plus it will give you a list of profitable hobbies with which you can earn money. I have seen many people who have interest in a particular sector, but they work in completely different one –…...
HobbyInterest And HobbiesMoney
How to Save Out of Your Pocket Money?
Words • 706
Pages • 3
Everyone wants to have more than enough money in his or her pocket to be able to do meaningful and productive things. This makes savings important, so I will be addressing questions that run through the heart of teens about savings. I will also be sharing my personal experience with savings. Saving money simply means setting money aside to spend in the future. There is no one “right” way to do it and no amount is too small to save.…...
Importance Of Money In LifeMoneySaving Money
The Importance of Teaching Your Kids About Money
Words • 1500
Pages • 6
Money. Why are we so reluctant to educate our kids about anything dealing with money? I think we are so afraid because we don’t want our children making the same mistakes that we have made. But what if we took a completely different approach, and actually taught our children how to actually save money? Kids that learn about finances, saving money, and budgeting at an early age are more apt to be able to handle their money than their friends…...
ChildrenImportance Of Money In LifeMoneySaving Money
Andrew Carnegie And The Rise of Industrial Capitalism
Words • 936
Pages • 4
Andrew Carnegie was one of the captains of American capitalism of the 19th century. He was also one of the creators of the American steel industry, and this helped him to become one of the richest men in the world. Carnegie regretted many mistakes he made during his period of personal enrichment and gave his fortune to cultural, educational, and scientific institutions to improve humanity. Carnegie came with his family from Scotland to the United States in 1847. They settled…...
Andrew CarnegieBusinessmanEntrepreneurEntrepreneurshipHistoryWealth
The Distinction of Entrepreneurs in The Myth of the Robber Barons
Words • 1080
Pages • 5
“The Myth of The Robber Barons” by Burton W. Folsom, JR. Tells a fantastic storyline about important entrepreneurs in early America. Folsom states clearly that there are two different types of entrepreneurs, market entrepreneurs, and political entrepreneurs. Folsom justifies that both types of entrepreneurs are part of Americans' success. Folsom includes stories of both market entrepreneurs like Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Vanderbilt. Folsom also included stories about political entrepreneurs like Leland, Stanford, Henry, and Villard. Throughout the stories, Folsom makes an…...
BusinessmanEntrepreneurshipHistoryMoneyPolicySocial Class
The Value and Power of Sacrifice
Words • 476
Pages • 2
Would you sacrifice something for someone else? It may do not have to be an object or money. It could vary from many different things. Such as, time, attention, money, objects, comfort, and energy. Most people think that when people say they are going to sacrifice somethings for someone else, it may not be what most people think which is money or an object. However like I said before People can sacrifice in so many different ways, it could just…...
Ethical ValuesImportance Of Ethics And ValuesMoneySacrifice
Why Is College Tuition Rising So Fast?
Words • 1442
Pages • 6
The rising college tuition has become a larger and larger issue being brought up more recently. The rising cost of student tuition is no joke and continues to grow as an issue for college students and graduates. The outrageous amount of money not only puts a dent in anyone’s wallet but has many parts that it plays when effect the lives of students mentally and financially, their family’s money, and the economy. Student loan debt not only puts a hold…...
College TuitionFinanceLoanMoney
Why Is Accountability So Important?
Words • 1010
Pages • 5
Accountability, one of the many key factors in why the US military shows a level of success and discipline. Before a soldier graduates basic training, he/she is taught the importance of accountability and why it’s so crucial. The reason why is because it trains a soldier to be on time, establish discipline and a way to monitor soldiers. Soldiers oftentimes required to perform extremely challenging duties and services. Without accountability, a soldier cannot be expected to meet these high demands…...
Two-Sided Coin: Is College Worth the Cost?
Words • 462
Pages • 2
When people have to pay a thousand dollars for college tuition people start wondering if college is worth it or not. Attending college is a smart decision. Since kids were young they were told that you needed to go to college to get a job. College isn't for some people that's why some don't go to college. This makes it hard to get a job. Many people in college meet many good or best friends. Everything in college is independent…...
CollegeCollege Tuitionis college worth itMoney
Is a College Education Worth It?
Words • 534
Pages • 3
College is worth it, more people should attend college because graduates’ students have higher chances to get a better job, best opportunities, and career satisfaction. People with a college degree will make more money. They also can afford a convenient house to stay in and satisfy their needs such as being able to own a car that they want to be theirs. Most good jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree, another reason you need to get that degree at…...
CollegeCollege EducationEducationMoney
Is Real Estate Investing A Good Investment?
Words • 1561
Pages • 7
In the world, there are many commodities that people can invest in. One of the best ways to achieve financial freedom, self-success, and education in life after college or high-school, is investing into real estate. Investments are great assets to have no matter the gender, age, or social class. Real Estate investing can be a very who finally wants to commit, as it takes discipline and maximizing your efforts to become successful in real estate investing. Real Estate Investing, a…...
FinanceInvestmentMoneyReal Estate
Risk Management Planning
Words • 1079
Pages • 5
Risk is inherent in life and risks are an inevitable consequence of being in business. Risk is the likelihood of losses resulting from events such as changes in market prices. Events with a low probability of occurring, but that may result in a high loss, are particularly troublesome because they are often not anticipated. Put another way, risk is the probable variability of returns. Risk is usually associated with the possibility that things might go wrong, that events might turn…...
BusinessFinanceInsuranceMoneyRisk Management
Moments Are More Valuable Than Money
Words • 815
Pages • 4
Time, most of us never seem to have enough, and we're spending plenty of time to earn money. That's why time is money, so the more time we have, the more money we can obtain. Let's look at it in another way. Is time the more valuable here, or we are wasting it to accumulate something less valuable? You can’t get the lost moments back There are numerous ways to earn more money. As it's not something we want to…...
The Effect of Income on Happiness
Words • 720
Pages • 3
Poverty affects many people in general. I believe money can be earned by anyone but not everyone can earn the same amount as others. Money plays a big role in our society and our daily lives. We need money to buy our necessities. We need money for education purposes. Money completes everything. Wealth is power. Poverty affects many people in general. I believe money can be earned by anyone but not everyone can earn the same amount as others. Money…...
It’s More Important to Be Happy Than to Be Rich
Words • 2811
Pages • 12
Can Money set us free? Is economic wealth the perfect solution if one is looking for more freedom in life? Since the year one many people feel like that those who are economically richer than themselves (from now on for reasons of simplification: rich) can achieve everything, or at least much more compared to their own lives. Moreover, they seem to be free in every decision they make without any constraints such as having to choose between option A and…...
Can Money Buy HappinessMoney
Does Money Bring True Happiness?
Words • 1397
Pages • 6
Almost every person has asked themselves this question at least once. The answer to this question always varies when asked and can show what kind of person someone is and what they truly value most in life. Money is needed for almost everything like food, clothing, and a home. Out of the many things that money can buy, there are some things that it can’t buy, like happiness. According to oxford dictionary, the word “happy” is defined as “feeling or…...
Can Money Buy HappinessContentmentMoney
Should Colleges Pay Their Athletes?
Words • 948
Pages • 4
Over the past few decades, college athletic has become more popular among Americans. This helps National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) to earn millions of dollars annually and now there is a debate about whether college athletes should get compensations beyond their scholarships. The National Labor Relations Board of Chicago defines an employee as “A person who has signed a contract to perform agreed service for another employer is in control and gets payment in return” ( Ghale). According to these…...
CollegeMoneyPaying College Athletes
Pay for Play: Should College Athletes Be Compensated
Words • 808
Pages • 4
College athletes have more than tripled the absences than a student that is not an athlete, and this is all because of money. Over the past years, College athletes in America have been getting paid lots of money which are causing young athletes to make them feel like there is no use of going to score or at least trying. Paying college athletes will not only affect the athlete but it will also affect the college such as shutting down…...
MoneyPaying College Athletes
Have You Ever Wondered Why Two People Separate?
Words • 411
Pages • 2
People all over the world have decided to live together (get married). Nevertheless, some couples are unable to keep their relationships and they choose to divorce; which is one of the solutions to solve problems between husband and wife. Additionally, Divorce has become one of the biggest disappointment in life. Divorce is increasing these days. Many conflicts cause a divorce but the main causes are Finance, Poor Communication and Weight Gain. First, Finance does not mean lack of money, but…...
International Monetary And Financial System
Words • 1542
Pages • 7
What is international finance International Finance could be a critical issue of international economics. It is primarily associated with issues raised from the financial interactions of a minimum of two nations. Foreign exchange of currencies, the world financial system, direct investment abroad, and other important topics related to international monetary management are examples of international finance issues. The importance of international finance stems from the fact that commercial activities of firms, governments, and organizations get suffering from the existence of…...
BusinessFinanceInvestmentMonetary SystemMoney
Islamic Banking and Finance
Words • 1323
Pages • 6
Introduction This assessment is about Islamic finance. Islamic finance refers to a system that compliant on the application of Islamic law or Shariah which are the primary sources from the Qur’an and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad. One of the elements contained in Islamic finance is microfinance. It is a new market in Islamic finance that can give help in financial to other people. Introduction to Islamic Finance Islamic finance refers to a system that compliant on the application…...
What is a Life Worth?
Words • 725
Pages • 3
Can it be calculated into money, should it be? Society today tries to give everything a price nowadays even when it comes to human life. When it comes to “value” I think people get it confused with money. Everybody associates value with money but when it comes to value there has to be meaning behind it. Everyone's life has a different meaning that is valuable to this world and to others in many different ways. I think people tend to…...
Money and Happiness: An Enriching Relationship?
Words • 1376
Pages • 6
It is difficult to imagine our today’s life without money. We need it to buy living essentials, such as clothes and food products. And we also can’t imagine our life without happiness. Happiness is a complicated concept which depends on things that surround the person. These things can be both material and spiritual. And the theme of money and happiness is always relevant in our time. And most likely everyone at least once in their life asked the question "can…...
Can Money Buy HappinessConfidenceFeelingHappinessLove
Too Much Money is Bad
Words • 207
Pages • 1
Too Much Money is Bad Everybody want to have money, and for many people in this modern capitalism world, money it can the first thing, and sometimes the only thing that measures success in their life. Money can buy power, can buy fame, buy time, and it can even buy a life. So money has become the first goal for everybody. Too much of everything is bad whether its too much or too little. In this case, we can say…...
Human NatureMoney
Shops At The Abbey Centre
Words • 1302
Pages • 6
Internet: The Internet is one of the latest forms of communication technology. L. E. D. U has its own website under www. ledu. co. uk and is just as useful as visiting the L. E. D. U office. It has all the necessary links to setting up a small business, business plans and business finance etc... and I can print out any information that might be useful. Bank: I can go to the bank and organise an interview with the…...
How to Make Money Writing from Home?
Words • 309
Pages • 2
You are not alone if you want to make money writing from home. The problem is that with so many people wanting to do it, not so many know how to do it correctly. There are many opportunities out there for writing from home and it is possible to earn a complete income doing so. If you have above average writing skills, then you will find many opportunities for you to make money writing from home. One of the easiest…...
MoneyWorld Wide WebWriting
SWFs invest in emerging markets
Words • 1409
Pages • 6
Emerging markets With their strong growth as mentioned earlier, emerging markets are now very attractive as a place for investment. Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (Adia), a strong believer in the growth of such markets, is making significant investment, especially in Asia. The amount is known to be far greater than the amount of US biggest pension fund, as stated by Jean-Paul, head of Adia's investment strategy. Qatar Investment Authority 's (QIA) intention to expand its investment in Asia is another…...
Superfreakonomics a Personal Review
Words • 1788
Pages • 8
“One of the most powerful laws in the universe is the law of unintended consequences” (Levitt, S. 2009) This is one of the primarily premises that the book establishes, with an extraordinary sense of humor and interesting data, Steven and Stephen set us in the real economics world, in which the common factors that all the teachers show to their students are applied in such a way that the real job is getting done. The way the authors write all…...
Solvency & company
Words • 397
Pages • 2
Solvency refers to the company’s long-term capacity to keep up it stability over the long term (Brigham and Houston, 2002). Normally measured by the debt to equity ratio, with the formula of having the total debt of the company divided by its total equity; solvency assures investors that the company is not to just to exist in the short term but it must also have a long life to recover long term investments which takes years to produce the needed…...
Buy Essay Online
Words • 672
Pages • 3
How To Buy Essay Online? Our service was created to simplify students’ life and, especially, their studies. Are you interested? We think, that you are. Welcome! No matter, where you study – at school, university or college – for sure you have to write an essay. Such task isn’t the easiest one. To write a good work you need to have natural talent, good knowledge of material and a few hours or so. Essay writing takes much time, which lots…...
Reducing tax
Words • 666
Pages • 3
The Obama team has a very difficult job ahead of them in shaping the shrinking economy. The financial sector is in turmoil. Getting loans from banks is difficult, consumers are minimizing on spending, businesses are cutting off employees and exports have reduced as oversees countries are slowly by slowly being affected. The fiscal stimulus that the president will inject into the economy could not have come at a better time because at least the people will create job opportunities for…...
Profitability & company
Words • 359
Pages • 2
The company over the years has increased its profitability, gross profit has increased and this is attributed to the proper management of its assets, liquidity and debt management. The factor that has led to an increase in profitability is an increase in borrowing that has enabled the company to increase its assets and therefore generate more sales levels using these assets, despite the decline in efficiency in the use of these assets it is still evident that these assets have…...
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Materialism in “Shining Modern Rocking Horse”

Lawrence skillfully uses symbolism to highlight materialism’s destructive power. The expensive “shining modern rocking horse” (Lawrence, 1) under the Christmas tree belongs to Paul. This gift comes to him from his family maintaining the desperate attempt to feign affluence. Ironically, this very gift fans the flames for Paul both emotionally and physically. This horse drives Paul mad; however, it provides him with an avenue to seize winning horse names. Most significantly though, the rocking horse is the possession that ultimately pushed him to his fateful death. Similarly, to further illustrate the damaging effects of materialism, Lawrence employs the motif of Paul’s blue, “close-set” eyes.

Lawrence creatively describes them as “blue eyes with an uncanny cold fire in them” (Lawrence, 9). The repeated mention of his blue eyes reminds the reader of Paul’s detachment and cold nature and how his unhealthy fixation on winning money brings him to the brink of insanity. Interestingly enough, Lawrence ironically refers to the same eyes as “blazing” (Lawrence, 13) with desperate desire. This symbolic representation of his eyes further demonstrates how desperately focusing on attaining material wealth can lead to a permise ultimate demise. Thus presenting further evidence that money cannot buy happiness.

In conjunction with symbolism, Lawrence masterfully uses characterization to describe the covetous mother, Hester, and the family’s financial hardship to further illustrate the damaging effects of materialism. To anyone outside of the family, Hester seems to be a loving mother who “adores her children” (Lawrence, 1). On the other hand, the dramatic irony reveals to the reader her complete lack of affection for her children. Hester’s only true love is material wealth. Friends and acquaintances hailed Hester as “such a good mother” (Lawrence, 1) who dotes on her children. In stark contrast, she and her children knew this was not true, and they saw it “in each other’s eyes” (Lawrence, 1). Despite outside appearances, there is no happiness or love in this household. Additionally, Lawrence’s use of characterization exemplifies the family’s attempts to live a life outside of their means. Hester would often complain “[t}here [is] never enough money,” to maintain their social status due to their “small income” (Lawrence, 1). Due to Hester’s constant need for money, her actions afflict Paul with an incessant desire for money. Ultimately, Hester’s madness for material possessions pushes her son to the brink of insanity forcing Paul to take desperate measures.

Materialism vs Real Happiness

The present conflict of materialism and the instinctive need for love is exemplified through the use of symbolism and characterization in Lawrence’s short story, The Rocking Horse Winner. Paul’s eyes together with the characterization demonstrates internal and external struggles within the story. Paul is determined to win the money for his mother and sets his eyes on the prize. Though, along with the symbol of the rocking horse, it creates the burning passion in Paul’s eyes and the desperation to win the large prize.

As the story goes on, Paul focuses on attaining wealth too much, which then leads him to his demise. While the symbols in this short story play a significantly large role, one of the main characters, Hester, does as well. Lawrence describes her as cold-hearted and shows no affection to her children. The mother is upset with their living conditions and blames everything on her husband’s disastrous luck. Hester showing no love to her family, especially her kids, helps to illustrate their lack of happiness due to their money shortage. Ultimately, this short story helps one to understand how money cannot buy happiness, even if the money is for someone you love.

Happiness is a choice, even if it takes effort at times. Cheerfulness does not come from attaining money and the family’s lack of money in this story did not lead Paul to pay the ultimate sacrifice. Hester’s desire towards obtaining money for the family and herself was the cause of Paul’s ultimate demise.

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How to Save Out of Your Pocket Money?
...While goals provide motivation to save and a target to shoot for, a budget is a plan for spending and saving that will help us get there. The first expense everyone should put on their budget is the amount they plan to save each time they receive mon...
Why Is College Tuition Rising So Fast?
...With that, we can see that the rising costs are continuing to hurt the students and families to get an upper education. A reason this issue can be seen as not that big of a deal is that for the people that could afford it, got a lot of help, or don...
Why Is Accountability So Important?
...One of the many ways you can help improve accountability is to have every person’s phone number. The buddy system is a good way to find out where someone would be. The whole reason for having accountability is so we get to work on time, so we stay ...
Have You Ever Wondered Why Two People Separate?
...For example, you exhausted to engage in sex, but the other couple is ready for it because of feeling boring caused by weight gain. Finally, all these points mentioned above are part of the main problems that lead to divorce, broken marriage or the fa...
What is a Life Worth?
...Our lives are all meaningful and valuable in our own unique ways. The government and society itself should not try to put a price on human life. When it comes to value after death the government should not look at the amount of money the person used ...
How to Make Money Writing from Home?
...These are just a few examples of the thousands of opportunities there are for writers. In order to be successful writing from home, you need to have some type of experience or connection you can make to writing. For example, if you were previously a ...

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