Monde Nissin Corporation Essay

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Monde Nissin Corporation

Monde Nissin Corporation has been providing Filipino consumers high quality products and excellent service for almost 29 years. With the company’s drive for excellence and continuous innovation, Monde Nissin subsequently ventured into instant noodles in November of 1989.

Lucky Me! launches its Instant Mami noodle soup variants, Beef and Chicken flavors, both variants had later become the fastest selling variants within the segment. Thus, our study will be focusing particularly on “Lucky Me! Beef na Beef noodles.”

Lucky Me! Beef na Beef noodles is the closest thing to one of the Filipino’s favorite viand Nilagang Baka, a slowly boiled beef brisket with a mix of potatoes and cabbage. This product is known for its features as certified NAPA (No Artificial Preservatives Added) and HALAL accredited (considered the culture and tradition of Muslim consumers for consumable goods).

Encourage by the popularity gained by Lucky Me! Instant Mami, noodles with soup in pouches, Monde Nissin came up with other firsts, such as Lucky Me! Pancit Canton, the first dry noodle in the market, and Lucky Me! Supreme La Paz Batchoy, the first bowl noodle available in that flavor. Also, Lucky Me! creates excitement in the category through the introduction of Instant Spaghetti, Bihon and Sotanghon.

To help promote more nutritious products, Lucky Me! teams up with the Department of Health (DOH) in a pioneering effort to help alleviate malnutrition and hunger in the Philippines by fortifying its noodles with vitamins and minerals. With this, the DOH officially certified Lucky Me! with the Sangkap Pinoy Seal, assuring the consumers an intake of at least one-third of the daily requirement of the micronutrients that it has been fortified with Vitamin A and/or iron.

Because of the said efforts and achievements of Lucky Me!, it has been officially became a member of World Instant Noodles Association (WINA). It is an association formed to improve the quality of instant noodles and increase its consumption through the mutual exchange of information by manufacturers around the world, to discuss environmental and technical issues, and to promote mutual friendship, thereby enhancing diets worldwide and contributing to the development of the industry.

For more than two decades now, Monde Nissin has steadily and aggressively risen to be one of the country’s leading food manufacturers. From its first biscuits, Monde Nissin Corporation has evolved into a premier Food Company, which has consistently been among the Philippines Top 100 Companies since 2000. And now, its products are continuously striving to become the market leader in their respective categories.

And to give back to their loyal customers and also to form part to their advertisements, Lucky Me! launched “Kainang Pamilya Mahalaga” (Family Meals Matter) advocy, which promotes frequent family meals together as a simple but effective way to raise happy, healthy and successful children. And to strengthen this advocacy, the company reinforces this with the launch of National FaMealy Day “Araw ng Pagkilala na ang Kainang Pamilya ay Mahalaga, this is to commemorate that family meals matter.

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