Mo’men Case Essay

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Mo’men Case

What sets Mo’ men apart from the other fast food restaurants? Mo’men are an international brand of fast food restaurants from Egypt. It, however, has a number of franchise holders in other countries across the globe. The international Mo’men group appointed Darul Rahmat Sdn Bhd (DRSB) as a franchise holder of the business in Malaysia. Mo’men restaurant distinguishes itself from most of other fast food restaurants because of a number of reasons. First, it offers unique products and excellent services. The restaurant offers a variety of sandwiches that are tasty and also affordable. The sandwiches are prepared from seafood beef and chicken. Seafood being an important component of Malaysian cuisine; their expertise in offering seafood sandwiches has given them an edge over competitors in the Malaysian fast food market.

Secondly, Malaysia has various cultures, and its cuisine is mainly influenced by the number of different cultures. An important Malaysian cuisine is rice; rice is a staple food in Malaysia, Mo’ men took such preferences into consideration and added a rich menu with a choice of lamb or chicken. This has made the restaurant accepted and well ahead other restaurants. Another factor is that Mo’men offer a limited delivery service to reach more customers. They also do promotions like offering discounts to students who show their students identification cards. Therefore, the customers seem to like Mo’men’s restaurants.

Is Mo’ men group’s franchising strategy the best way to expand internationally? Franchising is the best way to expand the business internationally. This is a method of doing business internationally but not by oneself. It is an affordable way of achieving development goals with less risk. Yes, franchising strategy is the best way for Mo’ men group to expand internationally just as they have given a franchisee in Malaysia. The franchising strategy helps Mo’men group to get inside information on the country’s food preferences and also learn from previous market experiences. The strategy has provided them with the widest entrepreneurial opportunities for Mo’ men and their franchise partner (DRSB) in Malaysia. The mutual beneficial relationship they have built together has made it a unique way to do business internationally. Is, having rice menu in the Malaysian franchise a good decision? Rice is a staple food in Malaysia.

It is an important ingredient in the Malaysian cuisine. The people here are most welcoming to new restaurants, but it is more advantage if the restaurants adapt to the cultural preferences. Having a rice menu is a good decision since this would make most of their customers feel at home and peace with their most preferred dish. This has made Mo’men Malaysia way ahead of its competitors. Will Mo’ men restaurant succeed and build a powerful brand in Malaysia than the other local restaurants? In the long run, Mo’ men franchise is likely to garner more market shares than most of the local restaurants. This is because of most of its market strategies. First being that it is religiously inclined to Islam that Malaysia equally boasts of a good number of Islam followers. This made it easy for them to set up their business there.

Their expertise in preparing most foods that are mostly preferred by the Malaysians is another advantage they have, for instance, inclusion of rice menu and also seafood beef. In a nutshell, the Mo’men group has sufficient information on the food preferences of Malaysia. They, therefore, know what to offer and when to. To add to the list is also the promotions they offer, whereby they give discounts to students who show their identification cards. Finally, due the small number of venues they also offer limited delivery services to reach many customers.

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