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Molly Petree story

Molly Petree did not kill Jacky Jarvis. Many people swore that she did. Jacky was shot, but not by Molly. I believe that Jacky’s Brother John Howard Wiletts aka BJ killed Jacky. Molly loved Jacky too much to ever hurt him unless he asked her to. Molly was a beautiful, educated, and talented young woman. Molly fell in love with Jacky because to her he was her demon lover. Jacky was a simple country boy. He played in a gospel group.

The group was called The Rag Mountain Ramblers on Saturday and the Angel Band on Sunday. Jacky loved Molly with all of his heart. John aka BJ was Jacky’s Cousin.

They couldn’t have been any closer, they was born only a few days apart. BJ likes to protect the people up on Bobcat. He likes to make nightly rounds to check on everything. BJ was also in love with Molly Petree. Molly didn’t know that BJ was in love with her.

She was in love with Jacky. All of these reasons and many more support that BJ killed his own brother Jacky Jarvis. BJ and Jacky ran a store on Rag Mountain. BJ said that him and Jacky were more than cousins, “he was like my other half. ” BJ always respected Jacky and looked up to him. When BJ saw Molly, he was amazed by her.

Molly was not from Bobcat, she was a educated school teacher. Molly was truly a good person. She didn’t care about the way BJ looked.

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She liked him for what was inside of him. BJ thought the world of Molly. Jacky loved Molly as well. But Jacky was a traveling man. He never liked to stay in one place for long. When BJ saw that Jacky was cheating on Molly, it made him angry. BJ thought that Molly deserved to be treated with respect. BJ had very many good reasons for killing Jacky. Jacky was gone when Molly had their first daughter Christabel. BJ was right by Molly’s side in the store the night she was born.

BJ took right up with Christabel. When Crissy was almost two years old, she died from Diphtheria. Jacky took her passing really hard. The book never tells exactly how BJ reacted. All the book says is how close him and Christabel was. So I believe that BJ took her passing harder than anybody will ever know. Christabel was not Jacky and Molly’s only child. Molly had a six more children, but each time something always happened. With the loss of every child, Jacky moved further and further away from Molly. BJ was always right there by Molly’s side every single time that Jacky left her.

BJ never left molly. When Molly started leaning more on BJ, it pushed Jacky away. Molly and Jacky neither one knew how to completely cope with the loss of their children. BJ was there more for Molly then Jacky was. That is why BJ killed Jacky. BJ was so mad at Jacky for treating Molly poorly and saying that he was raising cabbages all in a row. BJ was more concerned with Molly’s well-being. Jacky took off for a month and a half after the last baby passed away. The night of Jacky’s murder, Molly was the last person to see him alive. Molly did not kill Jacky though.

When Molly entered the store, Jacky was laying sprawled out over a bag of flower. He had been shot in the stomach by a shot gun. Jacky asked Molly to shoot him so he would not be in pain, he was going to die anyways. When BJ came to the store, he saw Jacky laying there. BJ said to Molly, Get over there, Molly, or I will kill you too. ” This quote proves that Jacky Jarvis was killed by his own brother, BJ. Molly would have done anything for her Jacky. Jacky was the one that asked Molly to shoot him. BJ already knew that Jacky was dead. By BJ saying that he would kill Molly too, he is telling Molly that he killed Jacky.

Jacky was a traveling man. Jacky was cheating on Molly with Icy Hinshaw. After Jacky’s funeral, Molly and BJ went to Icy’s cabin. At the Cabin, Molly saw all of Icy’s and Jacky’s children. BJ saw how much hurt Molly was in. We will never know if Molly knew that Jacky had other children with Icy. BJ knew all of Jacky’s secrets. When Jacky was gone with the rolling store, he might have cheated on Molly with other women from out of town. Molly will never know if he did or not. Jacky told BJ everything. Every time Jacky ran around on Molly, BJ knows about it.

BJ was getting tired of Jacky having such a great girl like Molly and treating her so bad. I think that Jacky came back with the rolling store that night. While he was at the plain view store, BJ came in. Jacky was in the middle of telling BJ about his adventures. BJ was tired of Jacky and his actions. BJ pulled his shot gun out and killed Jacky. Then he went back home and went to bed. He didn’t know that Molly would go down to the store and find Jacky still alive. BJ didn’t think about how Molly would react loosing Jacky. Molly decided to return to Agate Hill. BJ expected Molly to stay up on Bobcat with him.

BJ had so many reasons to kill his own brother. . BJ was always right by Molly’s side. In a way, Molly was closer to BJ than she was to Jacky. This is all the more reason for BJ to murder Jacky. He was jealous of the love between Molly and Jacky. BJ thought that since he was there for Molly more than Jacky was, he should be with Molly. On page 300 of the book BJ says in his testimony to the court, “…. There is no way she could have killed him…. I ought to know. I was right there. ” This statement proves that BJ was there when Jacky Jarvis was murdered. BJ never knew the love of a woman.

Jacky had the pick of any of the women in town. So when he married Molly, BJ thought he would settle down. Since Jacky had such a great woman, BJ assumed he would be faithful to her. When Jacky did not settle down with Molly, BJ got mad but held his anger in. BJ did not understand how Jacky could have such a great girl like Molly and not treat her right. I believe that Jacky’s actions and the way he treated Molly had a big part in BJ murdering Jacky. While Jacky was out of town with the rolling store, Icy Hinshaw came to see him. When she left, BJ walked over to Molly. BJ wrapped his arms around Molly.

BJ said that he wanted to tell Molly everything. Molly did not want to know the truth about Jacky. Molly believed that if nobody spoke of the things Jacky did, then they were not true. Molly turned around and kissed him on the lips. BJ took this as a sign that Molly liked him as more than a friend. BJ believe that after Jacky was gone, Molly and he would be together. Jacky Jarvis did not deserve to die. Molly knew that Jacky was a traveling man. She might not of known who he ran around on her with, but she knew he did. BJ had several reasons to kill Jacky. The way Jacky treated Molly. BJs love for Molly.

Icy Hinshaw is a very good person for who killed Jacky. Icy was a widowed. Icy and Jacky was “going together”. Jacky was still seeing Icy behind Molly’s back. Icy was mad because Jacky married Molly. This showed that Jacky didn’t want to fully be with Icy. Jacky just wanted Icy for night Time Company. When Icy saw that Jacky was not going to leave Molly for her, she killed him. Icy was a single mother. It was hard enough to live on bobcat without children. Times were hard. Icy needed Jacky to support her and his children. One afternoon, Icy came to the store on Plain View. Jacky was not there.

BJ took Icy in the back and gave her some money. Icy was mad at Jacky for not supporting her. It would have been really simple for Icy to murder Jacky. No one would have expected her to be the culprit. When Jacky and Molly was married, Icy lost it. Even though Jacky was still seeing her, Jacky would never be just hers. She thought that since she couldn’t have Jacky then no one could. Jacky had many friends, but he had many more enemies. Being a traveling man was a bad occupation. Jacky would look at anyone and everything. He didn’t care if the lady was married or not. Jacky got what he wanted.

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