Module Two: Lab Questions Essay

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Module Two: Lab Questions

1.Why was the Crippen case important?

-It was so important because it was a landmark case, it was known for being the crime of the century, the first trial by media and the first to be dominated by forensic science.

2.What was Crippen accused of? Why was he accused of this crime? -He was accused of poisoning and dismembering his wife. He was accused of this crime because he was her husband.

3.Why do you think people were so interested in Crippen’s case? -I think it was so interesting to people because it was a rare case, not everyday someone killed there spouse with poison and then cut into pieces. 4.Why was forensic science important in Crippen’s trial? How was it used in the trial? – Forensic science was very important in Crippen’s trial because it was used to identify the victim, and explain how the victim died.

5.What do modern forensic scientists find when they examine samples of the remains? -They found that the DNA results show that the DNA of descendants of Cora did not match the victims which means it wasnt Cora.

6.What other evidence linked Crippen to the remains in the cellar? -Evidence that linked Crippen to the cellar was a pajama t-shirt with a blood stain and the pajama pants they found in his room.

7.What other inconsistencies were found in the case when the evidence was re-examined? Why do you think these inconsistencies were ignored at the time of the Crippen trial? -Some of the other inconsistencies were found in the case when the evidence was re-examined is who after poisoning a victim cuts up the victim, usually when someone murders a person by poisoning they want it to look like a natural death. Also the forensic scientist found the poison of the body three days after searching Crippen’s house and only two people were there, this is a bit suspicious.

8.Do you think Crippen killed his wife? Why or why not?

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