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Module Disc

.Information system is a process data which is used to gain understanding of what the data implies. The broad level classification of the information system include: the hardware – such as the processor, monitors, keyboard and printer; the software – the program used to operate computers and related devices; database – a collection of related files, tables, relation and others which is the integral part of IT system as it stores the data; and network – this connects computing resources and facilitates sharing of hardware and software.

Based on expectation, the information system can be classified as the following; Transaction Processing System, keep the records required such as payroll, banking , etc; Decision Support System performs supporting roles that help people gather intelligence, generate alternatives and make choices. ; Executive Information System, facilitates the information needed to do trend analysis, exception reporting and online analysis tools; Management Information System, provides managers with the tools for organizing, evaluating and running their department.

; Work Flow System helps to define, administrate and coordinate different business processes. ; ERP holds company’s vital business operation. ; and lastly Expert System. Organization needs information system because it helps an organization to be better managed, and secure its critical corporate, customer and employee data. It also improves the integration and work processes within the organization.

Information system has a vital role in an organization as it enables employees to search for trends and patterns within their organization and share data with others across the organization, hierarchy and across functions. In using information to make decisions for short-term, long-term and research strategy, the organization collectively converts information into knowledge thereby ensuring proper proliferation of information that can assist in wiser decision making, enhance information sharing, easier archiving and retrieval of information and less storage space required.

As a conclusion, it would best to keep in mind that although information system is the blood that runs the organization, it also requires a thorough understanding of how its people, process and technology support each other in their efforts in achieving their goals. Bibliography Petrides, L. A. (2004). Knowledge management, information systems, and organizations. Educause Center for Applied Research 2004(20): 1-12.

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