Module 1 Assignment Essay

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Module 1 Assignment

Case #1

1. What should Rani Pharmaceuticals do? Rani Pharmaceuticals should act in the best interest of their loyal customers as well as their own. By sending out the next quarterly newsletter with additional information on the Soothing Waters Hot Tubs and Spas, and allow the consumers to decide if they would like to receive further more information. 2. Does the AMA Statement of Ethics address using customer information by multiple divisions of the same company in its Statement of Ethics? Go to and review the code. Then, write a brief paragraph on how the AMA Statement of Ethics relates to Rani Pharmaceutical’s dilemma. The AMA doesn’t say that in those exact words but it does state that as a marketer, we must do no harm, foster trust in the marketing system, and embrace ethical values. Values include honesty, responsibility, fairness, respect, and transparency and citizenship. Rani Pharmaceuticals must justly balance the needs of the consumer with the interest of the business. R.P needs to avoid participation in conflict of interest and seek to protect the private information of customers.

Case #2

1. Based on what you have read in the case, outline a rudimentary SWOT analysis for Cirque du Soleil. Internal (S)trengths: A big part of the reason for Cirque du Soleil’s success is because of the strong workforce. Including roughly 20,000 cast members ready to be called at any time, 300 seamstress, engineers and make-up artist, 32 talent scouts and casting staff. The creators and the workers share common values and goals that help drive the elite business even further in the right direction. And with the deep pocket hotel and casinos backing them financially, makes their success hard to compete with. (W)eakness: There are two main forces behind this elite business and if one is taken out of the equation I don’t think the cirque will be able to continue bringing that originality every year. Also, they split the income with casinos and hotels. External (O)pportunities: Their shows take place in the heart Las Vegas which is an ongoing cash cow.A place where people are going to continue spending outrageous numbers of dollars for many years to come. If they can continue to impress the consumers with new unique experiences, people will continue to go. External (T)hreats: Cost to attend these shows are high, and with a declining economy tickets can get harder and harder to sell.

2. List and describe three keys to Cirque du Soleil’s competitive advantage. 1. They have a product and service differentiation advantage because they consistently bring a one of a kind experience like you’ve never seen before. 2. They have a very large budget that is backed by hotel and casinos.

3. They are located in one of the biggest tourist spots in the country. 3. Explain how Cirque du Soleil implements, evaluates, and controls the elements of its marketing plan? Cirque du Soleil has a large building that is the home of Cirque du Soleil where all the training is done to ensure that members are ready to perform at a high level of proficiency. They have expanded from Vegas and gone international as well as T.V. That makes it possible for people to see the show from almost anywhere in the U.S. The production does cost a lot of money to begin but they have a big budget to help.

Case #3

1. Describe the technological, social, and political factors acting on the video game industry. Some of the environmental forces that influence the video game industry included technological, social, and political. The technological factor is Rockstar’s ability to create an intense simulation game that allows its users to play a fantasy roll to release stress. The social factor is todays younger society continues to demand the violence that grand theft auto brings to their gaming consoles. After playing it so long they can get bored and decide to start making that fantasy a reality in the real world. Lastly, the political factor that these video games have brought up is two sided. The creator of the game, insist that the “M” rating given to the game is enough to notify parents and user of the games intense and explicit content. However, many kids aging from 13-17 years old are getting their hands on this and being exposed to this lifestyle of a drug lord and cases are being filed towards Rockstar.

2. How is Rockstar responding to its environmental conditions? Do you agree with Rockstar’s approach? Why or why not? Rockstar’s target market is young adults which is the most consistent consumers of video games. They keep adapting their games to give a new experience by adding the latest cars, guns, and changing the cities in the games.

3. Do you think Rockstar Games’ chief operating officer, Terry Donovan, displays adequate concern for corporate social responsibility? Explain. Terry Donovan displays some concern for corporate social responsibility by having the “M” rating on all the games released. It allows the users and parents to know what kind of content is on the discs. However, it does seem to me like they try to sell as many games as possible without concerns of the younger generations getting their hands on it.

Case #4

1. What type of consumer buying decision best describes choosing to indulge at Ethel’s? A limited decision because most people have an experience with candy stores but unfamiliar with the up and coming Ethels. There are few alternatives, moderate involvement, and mostly internal information used to find it.

2. List the factors that influence a consumer to spend their money and time at Ethel’s. Which one do you think will motivate a consumer the most? Why? Previous experience: when customers have had a previous experience with a good or service, the involvement typically decreases. The second factor is a consumer’s interest in the product. Chocolate has been around for many years and has been a pleasure enjoyed by many. Perceived risk of negative consequences is the third factor. The fourth factor is the situation that the consumer is in. Depending on the situation, a consumer may choose to buy a cheaper quality of chocolate. Social visibility is the fifth factor. People see Ethel’s as a place to socialize and have a good conversation while enjoying a luxurious chocolate at a reasonable price.

3. Review the section on Culture and Values on pages 69-70. To which core American value does the Ethel’s experience appeal to most? Explain. “The chocolate house dates back to seventeenth century London, when members of society’s elite would gather in luxurious surroundings to relax and sip on hot chocolate.” This piece taken from the case makes me believe that Ethel’s is trying to bring back lost culture where it was a luxury to go to a house and enjoy chocolate. Only now they are trying to loosen the atmosphere up and make you feel as if even though you may not be wealthy, you can still enjoy the elite treats at this comfortable location.

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