Module Essay Topics

The course module

The course module that has been developed in this text focuses on the topic, waste management. The module is presented in seven sessions that incorporates interactive learning in the students through group work. The groups that are created are based on selection by the instructor so as to incorporate the problem learners and the novice… View Article

ETH Module 3 Case

There are often stories heard about athletes and sportspeople popping steroids in attempts to gaining an edge in their game. Due to the increasing of interest from people in sports and games, there has been an increase in the scale of athletics and world wide sports. Sports has becoming more competitive and aggressive and as… View Article

Module Summaries

Module 1 introduced the concept of evidence-based practice by describing how research reports are adapted and incorporated into healthcare practices. Research plays an essential role in identifying the best methods in diagnosing, treating and caring for patients with particular medical disorders. Evidence-based practice is based on the testing of experimental treatment regimens to a study… View Article

SRS for passport

The ideal structure of online passport registration provides security to the passports to be registered where in we can fill all the details in an efficient and easy manner. A passport is a document, issued by a national Government. This certifies, for the purpose of international travel, the identity and nationality of its holder. The… View Article