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Modernization is a process of modernizing a way of life. South Africa and China both attempted to modernize for a beneficial outcome. China was successful at modernizing and benefited greatly. South Africa resisted modernization and in the end suffered from harmful effects. South Africa and China both modernized in their own way.

China attempted to modernize from the struggles that were present in the country. In China, modernization occurred later than then most countries; this allowed the Chinese to use other countries as a model. China began to focus on important industry’s that would help their country prosper. They began to advance in military, science, and technology, and established a strong economy by selling products to other nations. As a result of modernization China became urbanized, and industrialized. The nation also became economically stronger which made the growing nation prosper. Modernization benefited China in all aspects of a great nation. China modernization process started to begin after the Qing dynasty fell, with this the country wanted to reform which led to modernization. Modernization was a very beneficial process to china as a whole.

South Africa did not benefit from the process of modernization. Modernization caused a loss of culture and society to African culture. The British came to South Africa hoping they could take over the country and modernize the country as a hole. The people of South Africa were known as the Zulus, the Zulu’s resented modernization of the British and wanted to modernize on their own. The British attempted to convert South Africans to Christianity to create modernization in the country. The Zulu’s lost the war to the British and their freedom; natives were forced to provide cheap labor to the British to make money for food. The British benefitted more from modernization then South Africans did. Modernization was not beneficial to the South Africans.

Modernization was beneficial to China and was harmful to South Africa. China took years to modernize and was late in modernization but did eventually modernize and greatly befitted from it. South Africa did not benefit from modernization; they had a loss in society and culture. Modernization will always ether help a country or be harmful to the country. This will depend on how the country attempts this process as a hole and what they go off of.

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