Modernity Essay Topics

The Way We Never Were Final

One of the most interesting topic and perhaps, the most intriguing as well since time immemorial is the element of family and its underlying principles. The essentiality of such truly gives light to the personality of a person given the fact that this is the sole foundation of establishing a character. Indeed, Stephanie Coontz in… View Article

Modernity and Anti-modernity in Stoker’s Dracula

Present research paper seeks to provide the analysis of modernity’s and anti-modernity’s reflection in Stoker’s masterpiece Dracula, which was created in the end of Victorian era in England. The elements of modernity and anti-modernity are traced on the thematic, discursive and semantic levels to establish interrelation and opposition between them, as well as functions they… View Article

The advent of Modernity

The advent of Modernity has made it necessary to question the existing structures and systems of power by actively breaking conventions and seeing where the path thus created leads – whether to Utopia or its complete opposite. This is true of the Arts as much as it is of Politics, especially in a time when… View Article

Modernity and Literature

Modernity by itself is a very abstract concept which can be associated with all new experiences in history. It is largely temporal because what is modern today is the old or obsolete tomorrow. Modernity is said to be a logic of negation because it tends to give importance to the present over the past, and… View Article