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Modern Young Women and Their Role in a Society Essay

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British young women as a subject of broad political interest became visible and significant in 1997 when New Labour came into power. It appeared as a novel phenomenon since it was all about “men’s’ world” before. The growing trend of feminism in a new liberal shape – encouraging women to get independent by means of achieving success and earning money, was well supported by press and television. Yet the image of young, ready for success women meets the picture of what is considered as a failure, i.

e. less educated, young mothers and their lower quality of life.

Soon, the issue of obese, diet and body image turned into a matter of public concern. Next, young women have started to be seen as valued prospective client and consumers, i. e. targets for marketing tools and strategies involving all media spaces. However along with all promises of modern society, there are still aspects that make women staying behind, despite all optimism of equal opportunities: poor background or simply decision of having children which very often closes the door of work career in desired and quick way.

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One of very important means of giving opportunities to young women is a changing system of education, being one of the most factors guarantying the high level of life. Nevertheless one should not forget that the type of school is still important, altogether with the care and upbringing received at home. Having all these advantages available, women have free choice whether to have children or not, thus being a single mother is no longer any issue when there is enough money to deal with everyday life alone.

Moreover, women are being now encouraged to earn money for living just to avoid a need to rely on husbands or partners. The significant aspect when question of female success raises, is the paradox of equality for ethnic minorities. The truth and reality is that there are hardly any chances to get the good education in poor areas usually habited by immigrants. Employers pay much attention not only to the proper education but also to the place where this education had been acquired.

This system forms a vicious circle and vastly stands out from the young female success model presented by politicians and media. In respect of above issue, there has been a line put between what is considered as a “good” and “bad” type of women, at least as seen from New Labour perspective. Good girls are those who in fact were blessed with proper home circumstances respecting family values, whereas Bad Ones are those who were not that lucky or even lost their luck by incorrect life decisions. As far as these decisions are concerned it mainly means the youth pregnancy as a choice.

Such decision is to guarantee state benefits and a sort of social security which a girl from poor area would not get if she was just unemployed and not educated. Being a single mother and getting state benefits is believed to be more advantageous than working part time – and such approach is not favored by modern self conscious, success- focused society. Media is one of key players in this matter also, presenting the opposite images to create the opinions and prejudices. It confronts the image of successful young women being glamorous, offering their best assets to the employers and the image of prematurely aged girls who gave birth.

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