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Modern: Technology and Social Networking Essay

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” – Albert Einstein ©


How are we to obtain the measure of the distance between basic research and the essential technologies of the modern age? Are we in the process of building the bridge that will unite the two domains or is the gulf between them growing wider by the day? Reconciling the interested parties in any definitive way remains difficult as each side can furnish multiple examples to support their perspective on the matter. Perhaps the best illumination can be provided through a retrospective approach that highlights numerous pertinent discoveries and in doing so clear up some of the fog that surrounds the debate.

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Modern Technologies have made us complete slaves to machines. There is no work which cannot be done without the assistance of machines and there is not a single area of human activity where machines don’t have to be used. No one can deny the fact that gadgets have not only simplified our lives but also made them more comfortable and luxurious. But on the contrary man’s dependence on them has increased so much that we just cannot do without them at all. If cabs go off the road we cannot reach our destinations. No cooking without LPG cylinder or cooking flame. No, we can’t do even simple calculations, what to talk of washing without washing machine or electricity.

If electricity fails, life for each one of us comes to a standstill as all gadgets are operated with it be it AC, TV, computer, a telephone, or any other modern appliance. Perhaps there were times when every work was done with hands be it grinding or travelling far off places. People were tough who could walk for miles and work ceaselessly. In modern times we can’t ascend the stairs without feeling a burden over our stamina. Modern gadgets have completely transformed the human life and health to a great extent. It a fact that machines have become like servants without which life comes to a standstill.

Thus we can say that our dependence on modern gadgets has made us complete slaves to machines and that we have lost our spirit to work and vitality, vigor and stamina and therefore no more good health and cheerfulness and endurance prevails. This dependence on machines has transformed the very human psychology.

“All the biggest technological inventions created by man-the airplane, the automobile, the computer- says little with his intelligence, but speaks volume about his laziness” A warm greetings of peace and love ladies and gentlemen

We have come to an era where everything inconceivable for the past 50 years has been made possible and actual. Once a dream, now a commodity. Once a prospect, now outdated. Once a thing of imagination, now an item of sensation. We can say that everything, I mean, everything, is now made available and accessible. Modernization takes a great part in the life of people. Effects that these products brought affects every aspect of human life. The effects of these technologies can be bothh positive and negative. Technologies are designed to make man’s life more easier. Technology makes communication more faster and easier.

With the modern and improved equipments in our hospitals and other medical facilities, it saves more innocent lives. Transportation is also improved and more faster. Modern technologies are also used for security purposes. Crimes and other cases are easily solved with the help of these gadgets. But did we ever think that it could also destroy and degrades our very own life? Benfits also has its price, while it makes our lives and works easier to deal with, it can also have disturbing impacts to our lives.

While some technologies are used in security purposes, some are also used to destroy security and peacefulness in the society. Let’s talk about social networking now. Social networking is rampant these days. I am too have my own facebook account. Social networking helps communication more fasters, but are we aware of news regarding social networking? Man use social networkings to find prospective victims of their selfish desires. I had read news about these in the web. Security of users are not assured and privacy is being invaded. Women are more prone to this kind of schemes.

Man is the only living specie with boundless needs, but thankfully, with immeasurable capacity to invent things and satisfy his insatiability. Technology accommodates every human and inhuman want – pampers every fancy of human fiber. Look around. People manipulate the environment to achieve practical goals – goals that respond to their physiological drive. Technology is always about satisfaction, gratification and indulgence; technology is about excess, as in excessive entertainment of human needs.

While new technology can provide advances for humanity, it can also have disturbing impacts. Our youth is the most vulnerable to any unfavorable bearing technology may bring. With the flood of modern equipment, gadgets and devices, we are deprived of the basics and fundamentals and essentials of things; we are estranged by sound judgment to determine what is right or wrong, what is appropriate or not, what is effective and not so.

With the advent of PlayStation and the likes, who would prefer to gather around grandmother’s cradle and listen to her old-age stories? Who would have the thought of grabbing a book and have the religious habit of reading when internet is inviting? Who would flip pages of encyclopedia if they can just surf at Wikipedia and other educational portals? Gone are the days for serenades – cellular phones radically take over the courtship activity; say goodbye to airmail – electronic mails revolutionize the mailing system.

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