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Essay on Modern Politics

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Incorruptibility in Mr Smith Goes to Washington Movie

In this paper I gave a brief summary on what the movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington was about and the characters that were in it. The issues he had to face while being selected as Senator and what he was going to do about being corrupt or being an honest man that stood up for what he believed in. He had a lot of obstacles he had to face to clear his name and almost gave up but when it got tough th...

Military Metaphor in Political Rhetoric

We have discussed how we are programmed with the misrepresentation of the military metaphor. In a society where one percent wear the uniform, a large remaining percent throw military metaphors as if they are hand grenades. To those who might say this is rude of me I say the following” put the shoe on the other foot” and spend some time in a war zone and see those close to you flying home on a...

European Union in History of Western Europe

In Central and Eastern Europe, stable democracies have emerged, with democratic institutions and increased respect for minorities. The economic reforms in these countries have led to high rates of economic growth and better employment prospects. This process has been helped and encouraged by the prospect of European Union membership, and by its financial assistance. As a result the European Union ...

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General Charles Cornwallis

Consequently, General Charles Cornwallis was somewhat a good leader, but made many hasty decisions which caused Britain to be crushed in the American Revolution. He may have won several battles, but he was defeated in the war. His carelessness in care for his troops, and his lack of awareness for his surroundings all caused his ruin. Even so, without Cornwallis, defeat may have come quicker and ha...

The Current Federal Budget

This entailed means of improving efficiency by means of tactics such as powering down the computers with $700,000, cutting on the production of aircraft by $2. 5 billion and through use of video conferencing which will save $3 billion. However, notable flaws in the proposed budget include an evident heavy emphasis on the administrations’ main programs while almost neglecting very crucial matters...

Political Stability

The company concerned about the environmental issues because the firm have to deal with different environmental factors in different countries. Although there were a degradation of environmental in Asia, the geography is also benefit to open the new industry because the expense is lower than developed countries which have high tax such as the carbon emission tax which causing the firm performance ...

Political Issues

The paper will explain the rationale behind the development of the Philippines social and political issues. The Philippines is faced with a number of issues that concern our organization. We are passionate about raising awareness of these issues, and developing grass-roots solutions. Poverty, unemployment and environmental legislation are the major issues facing the country, and these problems hav...

Pan-African Movement

African countries jockeying for the permanent seats have been South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Egypt and Libya. To that list, Senegal has been the latest addition, The African Union (AU) is flummoxed as to which of its member states to endorse, and has yet to establish the criteria to be used for selecting African countries to the reformed Security Council. The entry of Senegal into the race has only...

Analisis of Obamas Victory Speech

So he does not use the word " " I nearly as much as ne use mfou/you're/your" and "W Our" Even though Obama mostly uses miou/you're/your" and "We/Us/Our" he still nvolves himself in the speech, but he does it in a slightly more humble manner than just bragging about himself. That is a great way of making Obama's audience know that it's not only about him but it's mostly about you. In that way Obama...

Reducing Over-Classification Act

According to supporters of government secrecy, sensitive information that could threaten the nation's welfare if released is too easily accessed due to modern technology. President Obama, on his first day of office, signed an executive order designed to reduce government secrecy and increase the transparency of information across federal agencies. Signed into law by Obama in October 2010, the Redu...

Social Media in Policy Simulation

Policy-making heavily depends on data about existing policies and situations to make decisions. Both public and private organizations are opening their data for use by others. Although information could be requested for in the past, governments have changed their strategy toward actively publishing open data in formats that are readily and easily accessible. Multiple perspectives are needed to mak...

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