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Modern Frankenstein Essay

In today’s society there are many people that could be considered as ‘modern Frankensteins’. Scientists have made it possible for us to choose the sex of our child by gender selection, clone sheep-remember Dolly the Sheep? And of course, let us not forget the huge growth in cosmetic surgery. Have today’s scientist’s, like Frankenstein, gone too far in trying to create the perfect human? The following video charts Michael Jackson’s ever increasing cosmetic surgeries. This world renowned superstar wanted to have the ‘perfect’ face and science made this possible.

But did they go too far? Based on this video and the text, is there a danger in wanting to achieve ‘perfection’? Do these forms illuminate the dangers of becoming ‘Godlike’ by changing your physical appearance (which is God given) and by creating life? Is Michael Jackson now the ‘modern monster’? He like Frankenstein’s Monster is isolated and not understood because of his frightening and grotesque appearance, but there is the underlying need for acceptance in a society that is very much focused on looks.

Whilst you’re watching this video I want you to think about the following things and be able to complete the attached questionnaire. Parallels that can be drawn between Frankenstein and today’s scientists: Both are actively playing with life. Both wanting to achieve the ideal. Parallels between Michael and the Monster The Monster was created to be an ‘angel’ but his appearance did not match his personality. Frankenstein made a gross oversight by not making his creation look angelic, and as a result, he was marginalised, hated, feared, abused, taunted and unloved by society.

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Similarly, Michael has made himself a social outcast and extremely isolated by having too much cosmetic surgery. Both are products of maybe the extremes of the successful advances in science-science used in the wrong way but for good reasons. It is said on the video of Michael Jackson’s father Joe Jackson ‘that he wanted to create the right thing but did this in the wrong way. ‘ Much like Frankenstein. Both Michael Jackson and The Monster are concerned with acceptance.

They have an overwhelming need for this because both want a life filled with peace, love and kindness, yet because of the way they look, this is almost impossible. Would you consider Michael Jackson to be a Monster based on his appearance? Would you consider Frankenstein’s Monster as a monster based on our understanding of what a Monster is and on what you have read? Do you have any sympathy for the Monster because he found it difficult to be kind and loving because he was met with so much hate because of how he looked?

Do you think that the cosmetic surgeon who worked on Michael Jackson went too far? Is being a Monster based on one’s appearance or one’s personality? Think about comparing The Monster or Michael Jackson to someone like Hitler who did monstrous things? Think about whether you judge people based on their looks? Have you ever misjudged someone by doing this? Questions Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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