Modern Buildings Essay

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Modern Buildings

Every city has own style of architecture. Buildings actually is a face of every country and city. Of course, in every city there are old buildings and new ones. There is a question, whether a city should preserve its old, historic buildings or destroy them and replace them with modern buildings. One group of people is sure, that government has to save old buildings. The other group of people thinks, that it is better to build new buildings. I have to say, that relate myself to the first group of people.

However, these two groups provide tantamount arguments in favor of their choice. I suggest to discuss advantages and disadvantages of the above mentioned statement. First group of people support the idea of preserving the old buildings for several reasons. First and foremost, old buildings have high historic value. They introduce, the character of the country, city and several generations of people, that lived there. Second, old buildings is always very important for the visitors from foreign countries.

For example, it is always interesting for me to study the architecture of the country that I visit. And last, but not least, in my opinion, old buildings are more beautiful than the new ones, and also have and emit the special spirit of time. Nevertheless, the other group have several reasons to support their point of view. It is pertinent to mention, that not every old building has real historic value. Some of them are just a part of past time are not suitable for comfortable life. Moreover, they are in dangerous condition.

So, in this case, of course, the only right suggestion is to destroy such buildings, and build new, comfortable and safe buildings. Just like in my country, government preserve historic buildings, but destroy many old ones, and build new buildings instead. Which change the look of the city, and make it more modern. To conclude, in my opinion, the golden mean and understanding of the deal, is the best way to solve this issue. We have to respect our history, but go forward, make progress and never stop to improve ourselves and surrounding world. Because, sometime, we be will become a history.

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