Modern Art Essay

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Modern Art

Some people consider modern arts not serious. In this regard, the question “Can we think of modern art as real art? ” comes into existence. So to answer to this question we need to take for consideration what is art in general and what forms it has. There are a variety of arts, including visual arts and design, decorative arts, plastic arts and the performing arts. So, Art is defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. And artistic expression takes many forms: painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, music, literature, and architecture are the most widely recognized forms. To begin with, when we speak about modern art, in most cases we think about the field of fine arts. Because exactly fine arts underwent the visible changes for centuries.

The number of styles of painting is enormous. Artistic works can be grouped by styles according to the common principles of creative thinking. Each epoch is characterized by a certain worldview; that is why throughout the centuries the ways of thinking about art was also changing. Fine arts faced such styles as Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Classicism, Realism, Impressionism and so on. Modern art refers to works produced during the period from 1870. Typically, modern artists rejected previous Renaissance-based traditions, in favour of new forms of artistic experimentation. They used new materials, new techniques of painting, and developed new theories about how art should reflect the perceived world.

And nowadays there exists a great amount of styles of Modern art, for example: Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Performance Art, Dada Style, Neoplasticism, Surrealist Style, Postminimalism, Graffiti Art, etc. Concerning the question of modern art it’s quite difficult to judge, but nevertheless people are divided into two sides: pros and cons. First and foremost art implies the inseparability of form and content and of course talent. Famous artists affirmed that it is necessary to master the skill – the main component of the art. But many modern works have lack of this component.

Modern art has no its purpose to create the artistic work, that is why modern artists are indifferent to internal connection of form and content. Therefore it is impossible without accompanying comment; for example the artist can grab a canvas, paint it in different colours and put some strokes on it, and this kind of painting can represent his happiness. Because it is often said that modern art can be done without any talent or efforts.

After all real art needs to show emotion, beauty, and needs to be a window to the artist’s emotions. Art is something that you see and must look deeply into to understand or find beauty in. Modern art is art that a 5 year old can do so it has too little effort to be considered art. Many people believe that such so called artists are supported by the mass media, that is why their works are sold for million dollars. Every person could take a brush and do smth like that, but no one would buy this daub. They say Leonardo was a great artist. Raphael was a great artist, but modern ones can’t be compared.

So for the great majority of people modern art is not serious. On the other hand, who is anyone to judge what “real” art is? After all our understanding of art comes to nothing more than our school knowledge about periods of Renaissance, Classicism or Modern. Just because one doesn’t like or understand the art, doesn’t mean that the art is not real art. Besides, it should be noted that there is the term “contemporary art”, meaning the work of artists of the 90-ies of XX century. It represents the mirror of contemporary world. And often great

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