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Models' Eating Disorders and Weight Limit

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 5 (1244 words)
Categories: A Healthy Diet, Eating Disorders, Eating Healthy
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When we have a job that we love, we want to keep it no matter what. That’s understandable, but we have to be careful how far we actually go in order to keep it. There are things much more important than any job in the world like our health. Even for those who’s jobs, looks are everything. We all want to look our best at all time, especially if we are in the modeling business.

There have been many issues with models and their ways of losing weight. These models have eating disorders that can truly harm them. The way that they do their weight lost can have terrifying consequences. These consequences many times cause them their lives or threats just as delicate. Due to all these horrible deaths and serious threats to models health some argue that a minimum weight should be mandatory. They want the models to not be one pound under the healthy weight limit that they require.

The problem is that not everyone agrees.

Anonymous people argue that models look great while advertising just the way they are as an now. Some argue that if models have a minimum weight limit and it’s passed as a requirement many ordinary people are going to want to go into the modeling business. The other argument is that the models will have to wear always closed clothing, since they will look horrible in a bathing suit. Another point made by the once against minimum weight is that not all models have the same height. They argue that how will they have the same minimum weight if they have different hight. There arguments are said that models are made to be thin and thats the way they should stay.

I have to say to the once that are against it that no one argues that they don’t look great while advertising something on television or magazines now, but as good as they look a couple pounds more won’t make a difference. These models are great models that don’t do great at their jobs because of their weight; they do great at their job for the way they model. These models are great at their job for the way they walk, the way their makeup looks, and wearing all the beautiful clothing that they advertise.

When they say that ordinary people are going to want to become models they make it sound like it’s a bad thing. In reality that is a good thing, the more models the more business. The more models that we have the more clothing and products that companies get to advertise. Also due to that models are meant to be skinny we don’t have many models left, and the models that are modeling as an now many are in serious danger for having eating disorders.

If models are a couple pound heavier that doesn’t mean that they can’t wear bathing suits. I don’t believe that they would look horrible I actually think that it would help the company sell more bathing suits if they are seen on models who don’t look like walking sticks. The truth is that not everyone wears a bathing suit because we don’t feel confident since we don’t look like the models who advertise them. Although if we see the product on people who aren’t as thin we will gain that confidence and the company will sell many more products.

It’s very true that not all models have the same height, but that shouldn’t be a problem. The minimum weight limit can be based on height and any other circumstances. It is very important that all models have the same requirements and very understandable that this statement has been given by these anonymous people. I understand the point that they are trying to make, but of course if a model is going to be told how much they have to weight there will be taking the hight, body fat, and muscle weight all into consideration before deciding their minimum weight. To all models the requirement will be the same and their minimum weight will be determine as an individual.

Models are made for modeling thats why they are called models. They are not exactly made to be thin. There is a huge difference between thin and unhealthy. People who think that models are made to be thin are’t thinking that because of people who think that way is usually why models fall into eating disorders. Models should be able to model staying in figure, but with a healthy weight that won’t harm them. All these points made by anonymous people are regardless pointless thats probably why they stay anonymous. If they truly believed in the points they are making they wouldn’t stay anonymous

Many models take it too far, risking their lives. Many models do many unhealthy things to fit into a size zero and that just bring bad health problems. Nineteen year old Cover Girl model Bethaney Wallace dies of anorexia and bulimia (Andrew Levy). She started with these eating disorders since she was sixteen. These eating disorders weakened her heart until one night she died in her sleep at age nineteen. Three years she suffered trying to be thiner that she already was. This was a young girl who couldn’t see how beautiful she was and became anorexic and bulimic making every meal a crises for her. Bethaney was 5feet 3inches and weighted only 94 pounds (Andrew Levy).

In 2006 another famous models dies as consequences of her eating disorder (Tom Phillips). Ana Carolina Reston was a Brazilian model who was warned she was fat at 112 ponds, ever since then this beautiful model stopped eating until she starved to death. Ana was 5ft 6inch and died weighting 84 pounds (Tom Phillips).

Isabelle Caro was another beautiful model who dies due to anorexia, she was told by Parisian modeling scout that in order for her to “find a job she needed to lose 10 pound” (Barbie Latza Nadeau) and she did, she quickly lost 20 pounds she ended up weighting 55 pounds. Isabelle was 5ft 4inch tall with a weight of 55 pounds, she ended having to go to the hospital due to her rapid weight lost, Isabelle was in the hospital in comma for months (Barbie Latza Nadeau). It’s a shame to lose such beautiful models just because they consider themselves fat when in reality they are to skinny.

I truly believe that all these deaths have a solution, because besides from the models I have mention previously there are many more models who die due to their eating disorders. The solution is for the minimum weight limit to become a requirement. The minimum weight limit will make all modules feel comfortable by the way they look because they would look exactly how they were told but in a much healthier way. Having to weight at least the minimum weight should be come a requirement because, by reinforcing a minimum weight limit and making it one of the prerequisites for being or become a module all the modules who love their job will do their best to meet all the requirements. If models are conscious that if they weight less than they are supposed to they will keep themselves at that weight in order to keep their job. This will help models all around the world to become healthier and it will also help prevent all these deaths because of their eating disorders.

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