Modelling Leadership Essay

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Modelling Leadership

Many people have potentials of becoming leaders by virtue of their births, for instance, into royal families. Some others cashed in on the naivety and innocence of the people around and, before long, became leaders; not necessarily by achievements but because they are opportunist. I see real leadership emerging when a individual can successfully impact the life of others which in turn makes them willing followers. This is the category my headmaster falls into.

My relationship with this man started a couple of years ago. As a teacher and mentor, he sees every opportunity for success in every child. He is by no means a disciplined man, yet he is patient enough for any student. He is the headmaster, coordinating the teachers; yet he is the teacher himself. He takes it as a responsibility to have a one-on-one contact with every students in the school and he has been successful at it in spite of all other official assignment competing for attention.

Every student, to him, needs to discover himself – his strengths and weaknesses. With my headmaster, the hardworking students still has rooms to do better if only he could discover how and the lazy students needs only to discover his areas of interests and concentrate on it for his success. This is what he seeks to do for each students by spending time with them. An of course, he encourages the teachers to do likewise.

In his words ’these little minds are going to become our leaders tomorrow and it is how well we impact them that determines what they do when they become our leaders -whether they lead us well or not. ’ His style has produced great changes in the life of students. Even other teachers are borrowing successfully from his style and they in turn are achieving great results with their students. I hope one of his products eventually rises to become the president of our great nation – this will be a rewarding feather added to his cap.

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