Mobile Voting System Essay

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Mobile Voting System

Project Background

Mobile Technology is most important in the world and current generation. We can get updated information using mobile devices. Such device can be used for personal and business transactions. Moreover, mobile devices functionality has evolved tremendously. Nowadays, it can be used for a variety of purposes like to locate places much like a GPS, to read barcodes, to play games, to browse the Internet, to know weather reports, to vote, and so much more. Significantly the most important uses are the voice calls, video calls and Short Messaging System (SMS). Currently various models of mobile phones have come out in the market and each one having special advantages over the others. The SMS or message facility is important in the mobile device. It allows the sender to send messages from one mobile to another mobiles device.

Most business establishments advertise through print media like the newspapers, magazines, pamphlets, brochures, and so much more. They also make use of the radio to promote their product and services. Furthermore, a lot business establishments conduct market survey like allowing consumer to choose which product they like best or selecting the best brands and so on. For example, Nawras Telecommunication is one of the best communications providers in Oman. It makes the communication service very convenient to the customers. During festival or holiday, Nawras send bulk messages to its customers informing them of promotions. Using this marketing strategy, customers will be aware of exciting promos and discounts.

The backbone of any business is advertisement. Companies have used mobile technology to get to customers and sell their products and services. With this technology, companies can reach customer base very easy and quickly, thus, improving the business.

Problem Statement

Although print media is effective in advertising products, the problem lies on the cost. It is very expensive to advertise using this medium. When businesses conduct market survey, they usually do it manually. Example, they visit households randomly and ask them questions pertaining to their product and services or they gave out questionnaires to people on the streets. As seen, it is very time and effort consuming.

Project Objectives

The objective of this project is to design and implement a Mobile Marketing System. It specifically seeks to: 1. Lessen the cost in advertising; 2. Lessen time and effort in conducting market research or study; 3. Use the mobile phone as a marketing strategy to advertise and conduct market study; and 4. Design, develop and test a Mobile Marketing System.

3.1 Research

Research Part is a step of scientific approach and can say as practice based research. How to collect the information, investigate for new project and understand the previous system and study the various information from books material and websites. The main aim of the research is using mobile technology to get to customers and sell their products and services . Before starting this project i read about companies and how to do promotion for electronic products Without the need to buy advertisement may cost many amounts. And read the way advertising through mobile phones So you want to snap the project


2.3 Analysis and Design


Systems analysis is the study of sets of interacting entities, including computer systems analysis. This section will analyze the functionality the software and what programming language will it be implemented. The design section will contain screen layouts as well as the core design of the software and the way it will be implemented..


The researcher will analyze and design the database based on the clients requirement. Modeling tools will be used to draw cases and data flows. Design phase also includes the structure of our database. Also will start by designing the site according to our analysis. Then will create the database depending on the previous design. Then will make a connection between the application itself and the database. The detailed design are at the stage of detailed design, working on the computer begins in earnest. At this stage, the design of the system becomes more organized. Are drawn inputs, outputs, and processing specifications is in the details.

2.4 Implementation and Testing

After testing is completed, the system will be implemented in the client side. Testing is most important in system development. We need to test the system in all levels. First, it will be tested using unit testing which uses column level test. In this project, each and every column should be validated. Unit is the smallest possible testable software component. This project will start with unit testing by testing each module of the project. Second, stress testing will be performed. It is done when a system is tested with a load that causes it to allocate its resources for develop the product in maximum amounts, this is called stress testing. For example, in this project, bulk messages will be sent and received to and from customers and stress testing will be performed to check the efficiency of the system. It is expected that delays will happen.

2.5 Critical Evaluation

It is necessary to evaluate the system after design, development and testing the system for validation purposes. Evaluation of the new system depends on the design, development and test team and users of the project. It traps future error and defines future enhancements as recommended by the user. User evaluation is of prime importance because he/she is the one who will be using the system every day, so their approval must be sought.

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