Mobile Phones Should Be Prohibited in Public Places Essay

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Mobile Phones Should Be Prohibited in Public Places

Mobile Phones Should Be Publicly Banned Less than ten years ago, only a few people ran around with a cell phone as an essential body part. Now there is an estimated of 80 million people who own and use wireless telephones, and 85 percent of these people use their phone while driving. However, these handy devices are not just used in cars. They are ringing in the theaters, trains, and during Sunday mass. The phones sing the arrival of a meal and chirp while people seek some quiet moments in the park. Mobile phones in public areas like restaurants, theaters, churches, and trains should be turned off for common courtesy and proper mannerism of surrounding individuals.

Banning the use ofmobile phones in some public places is becoming more common, but enforcement is not so easy. A growing number of mobile-free zones have cropped up in recent years. These include; theaters, libraries, museums, casinos, and even some train operators are now operating mobile-free carriages. Then there is the separate safety issue of people using hand-held phones in cars. Several communities have banned the use of cell phones while driving. Neverthel Speak softly, in a conversational tone. Support for banning the use of mobile phones in certain public venues confirms that many users and non-users alike feel that mobile phone usage can be irritating and they agree to see measures taken to limit intrusion.

Mobile phones, granted need to be used periodically for certain incidents and is a very useful commodity when traveling or for emergencies. “Cell yell” is alarmingly widespread, despite being technologically unnecessary. Ring tones, which are considered unpleasant or obtrusive, are frequently the main cause of dislike towards users of mobile telephones on trains. A mobile telephone also provides some comfort or assurance, in that it is always accessible for contacting the emergency services or for being contacted, should one be needed in an emergency. “No Cell Phones” signs are popping up all over. Ring tones, along with people talking loudly as if they were having a conversation with someone in the same room as them, are the causes of this “noise”.

An obvious example is at the occurrence of a delay or the missing of a train or connection, because of which, one would have to contact any persons expecting one at the destination. It is rude to give the cell phone call precedence over people you are with. Excuse yourself when it comes, and be brief. They might state it is against their Freedom of Speech Amendment and they have a right to say what they want, when they want. Some tips for proper mobile phone etiquette are, turn off your phone or set it to vibrate in public. The technology may be modern, but cell phone etiquette is mainly good old-fashioned manners: respect others.

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