Mobile Phones and Children - Pros And Cons

Today smart phones have become more popular since 1973 and have been available to purchase 1983 but, more people began to own a cell phone in the 1990’s. Smartphones technology has made a big impact on children lives and many parents are allowing their children to have smart phones for various reasons.

Children who use smart phones know about safety use of technology. Smartphones teaches children how to be responsible and independence for themselves. Children can use apps on their smartphones to learn from academic preparations.

Children under 12 years old can benefit from smart phones it can provide the use of technology, reasonability and academic preparation.

Technology has become an important aspect of children’s lives. Technology is changing every day and physically effects more children every day. Children are being influenced by technology in positive ways. Children who use technology at home or school can learn more than 30 years ago.
According to Health Research Funding (HRF) “A kid that can access the internet can learn more than ten years in school can teach them.

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” That does not mean that they do not need school, but technology makes it very easier. Parents should discuss about the safety of technology and the values of the internet.

There are social media apps for your child to access it very important learn about cyber bulling or the out come of social media, From a cultural website studentsafeline, “once it out there it stays out there” and share information with people that your comfortable with that information ( Studentsafeline).

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Encourage your child to tell your everything that happens on the internet. These two sources agree that if you teach your child about the role of technology and how it is use in appropriate way then outcome will be positive.

Additionally, Parents should teach their children how to be responsible and be independent to use smartphone. Many children get there first smartphone, tablet, computer, etc. at the age 10-12 years old. Children need smartphones to have an emergency contact with their parents in case of an emergency. Anything can happen to happen to a child when the parent is away it important to have contact with the child always.

According to National School Safety and Security Service encourage students to carry smartphones to school in case of shoot crisis like the Columbia High School attack in 1999 and 9/11 terrorist attack in 2001 (National School Safety). Many parents set a limit time for there kids to spend on the internet, it is important to regulate your child mobile devices. Michiganian State University reported, Ninety percent of the youth think it reasonable for their parents to set a limited time for child mobile device, however, sixty- nine percent have already done so (Michigan State University).

Choose the right type of cellphone or smartphone can be difficult and expensive but, you don’t have spend 200 hundred dollars on your child first phone. There various ways to check on your child phone and block inappropriate sites. You can limit your child on there data, so they do not make the phone bill sky rocket to the top. Jerry Bubrick a client psychologist and anxiety expert at Child Mind Institute says “I tell parents that it’s not so much about a particular age as it is about a kid’s social awareness and understanding of what the technology means,” Dr. Bubrick explains.

“You could have a really immature 15-year-old who’s acting out on the phone, but you give it to him because he’s 15, whereas a really socially mature 12-year-old could handle it better”( Child Mind Instituted). Many parents feel that there is to irresponsible for a cell phone, but you have to trust your child. Smartphones are like small computers that your child can carry and learn academic preparations from home. They can access the internet to help them on a school assignment, presentation, calculators, or video presentation. Mobile device makes it so easier to take notes and solve math problems in class.

Vincent Cho from Boston Massachusetts College says, “If we have these devices, we can do a lot of things around student interests and projects” (Science News Students). Children can bring their smart phones to class to help them look up alternative words and use as study method for their classes. Smartphone can organize your child homework or any deadline with school. Schools like, Three King’s Fork High School in Suffolk, VA allow children bring there smartphones to class as an teaching model for class lessons ( School Money).

Some School can not afford laptops and computers for their class, some children have to  access  the internet form there smart phone use in class. Ken Hella a ninth grade world history teacher says “Not every classroom can get a laptop every day, so [devices like smartphones], even if you have to pair up, become something useful for teachers” (National education association). Having smartphones for children is great and quick way for your child to gather information at anytime.

Children should have smartphones because it a way for them to communicate with friends and learn more about technology. Some parents think that giving their child a smartphone is bad idea, but cell phones have change a lot since they were younger. Children should get a smartphone at the age of ten years old for safety reasons. A part of a child growing is learning how to responsible and independent and giving them a smart phone is a way of teaching them.

Smartphones can teach a child more about the world then what inside a classroom does. There many fun and excited learning apps for your child can explore and learn about. Giving your child a smartphone can benefit from the use of technology, how to be responsible and learn from academic preparations.

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Mobile Phones and Children - Pros And Cons
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