Mobile application or mobile apps is a type of application

Mobile application or mobile apps is a type of application software that have been designed for many purposes for people. Mobile apps can be run in any type of mobile apps, including tablets and smart phones, literally we can get an app in our finger tips without struggling. At present, apps are frequently used by people for many reasons. One of the reasons are to ease their daily life tasks. For an example, using an app called “Whats app” to communicate with long distance family and friends with free of charge.

The Lonely Planet company does not only published some books about travelling but also created an app for the users in the year of 2017. Lonely Planet launches an mobile app called “Guides” for IOS and Android users.It been known as the first travel publishers to have content in App store as well a launch partner with iPad. According to their website, they mentioned the app has reached 1 million downloads and covering 100 of countries and counting.

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”Guides” app is created to help travelers to know and learn about the essential tips and advice on where to stay,what to do and where to eat. This will help them to discover spots that are really worth of seeing.

The app also included with maps and audio phrasebooks which works in offline and it helps users to easily use the app whenever they want without spending money for roaming charges. Talking about audio phrasebook, it able to help users to talk with the locals as the app provided with 10,000 phrases for 19 different languages.

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Languages that included in this app are Spanish, French, Japanese or Chinese. The users can train themselves to learn new languages using this app and make their journey even more contented and trouble-free.

In addition, this app also offers with simple bookmarking where you can save and organize your favorite hotels,restaurants and things to do so you can visit or revisit any places that you want. This gives users to vote any of your favorite cities to be added in the app.

Lonely Planet does contributes many types of products and services to people. However, most of them has not reach well to the users. To combat this problem, Lonely Planet started to launch e-Books on the year . E-Books is an electronic version of a printed book. It is compatible for most of the electronic devices. This helps people to lower the cost of buying the books and e-Books are more flexible compare to books.

Lonely Planet e-Books has the same features where the technology enables the same content and layout from their books. Apps also can run on some e-reader devices to help users such as the Kindle and NOOK tablet. It is usually in PDF (Portable Document Format) but not really structured as in a page format of a book. However, it did not get much attention from people and most of them has no idea about this upgrade. I would recommend Lonely Planet to advertise more for their products and services mainly in social media so that they could reach to the people.

On the other hand, some of their customers concerns about the timeliness and current information in printed travel guides. This is one of the major factor why their sales from publishing books falls. It been mentioned that some of their information are out-to-dated because of their production cycle causes their new books to be published a year late.

Furthermore, this might give misleading information for their customers especially for the beginners in travelling.

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