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MKTG 199 part 2 Essay

Paper type: Essay Pages: 8 (1861 words)

Are photo sharing sites are a form of social networks. T or F

Flickr appeals mostly to
Photographers and those who appreciate high quality artistic photos.

Which photo sharing website was first used by the White House official photographer?

One of the challenges faced by the Library of Congress was
Making historical materials easier to find for educational purposes.

Image sharing can help drive web traffic to a website.
T or F

The first photo sharing site was

What is a worry that companies may have about sharing photos?

Why is it important for a company to stay connected on a photo sharing site?
Interacting with other users helps draw people back to your content.

Stock photography is
Professional photography produced by agencies or photo libraries.

Which of the following does not describe a photo sharing site?
It lets people buy or license images.

What is behind the growth in photo sharing?
The growth of smartphones.

Flickr has become the preferred platform of smartphone users.
T or F

Which statement is true?
Tagging images with relevant keywords helps users find images easier.

Unlike video sharing and other social media tools, target audiences are not as important for photo sharing.
T or F

Which statement is false?
Sharing photos can provide a human face to a company.
The cost of sharing images online is low.
A photo sharing strategy will require a large time commitment.
Photos often show up on the first page of search engine results.
Photos can be used to influence buyer mood.
A photo sharing strategy will require a large time commitment.

What is a photo sharing site?
A website that allows users to upload photos for public or private viewing.

Typically the most popular images are those that are carefully planned and staged.
T or F

How does brand intelligence relate to social networks?
It is a way to assess a company’s transparency online.

According to the text, which is not considered a mistake on a LinkedIn profile?
A boring headline.
Writing a profile summary in the third person.
Choosing a broad or not relevant category.
Completing a profile with as much detail as possible.
Pasting your resume verbatim into a profile.
Completing a profile with as much detail as possible.

What is the appeal of a private social network for a nonprofit?
It provides a means for them to organize a cause without the distractions of a general social network.

Why is the Coca-Cola Facebook page different from other brand pages?
The company shares the page administration with fans.

Why are social networks so useful for businesses that sell to consumers?
They are a great way to find and reach potential customers.

One advantage of a white label social network is that
It can be customized to suit the needs of a particular audience.

What did Quantivo learn about targeting groups on LinkedIn?
A group’s activity level is more important than its size.

Why should firms consider investing in a presence on larger social networks?
They set social media trends and have the largest audiences.

Which of the following statements is false?
Social networks have become an effective way to find new customers
Social networks allow companies to build brand awareness
People on social networks seek out brand relationships.
Social networks serve as a channel for marketing messages
Companies can converse with target audiences on social networks
People on social networks seek out brand relationships.

Which social network made the mistake of alienating its early adopters by deleting suspicious accounts?

What is a social network site?
An online service where members can establish relationships

The best content a brand can provide on Twitter is
Interesting, fun and valuable.

Which statement is false?
Twitter accounts with few followers lack credibility.
The quantity of Twitter followers is more important than the quality of the follower profiles.
The ‘suggested people’ feature on Twitter identifies people with similar interest to those profiles currently being followed.
The targeted follow strategy is the most effective way to achieve marketing objectives
It is important to promote your Twitter profile across other social networks.
The quantity of Twitter followers is more important than the quality of the follower profiles.

What is one element that is universal across microblogging and social platforms?
Peoples’ value and interests.

How does Twitter make other social media tools more effective?
It provides a distribution outlet that can reach millions of people

Why does Twitter require strong writing skills?
It requires a brand to be persuasive and interesting in a very limited number of words.

How does Zappos recognize its Twitter fans?
It sets up Twitter tracking pages on its website.

What is one disadvantage of the mass follow strategy?
Most of the users who follow back are mass marketers and spammers and will not see the tweets.

Microblogs have become a source of
News and citizen journalism

What type of tweet category is described as “Look at What I’ve Been Doing”?
Picture tweets

When marketing on Twitter, brands should
Focus on relationships

What is the most important element of microblogging?
It must be short

Why is Twitter a useful channel for building personas?
The search function allows a marketer to easily study different users and their interests.

A moderator
Facilitates discussions and enforces forum policies.

An example of a Q&A site is:

Which statement is true?

Q&A sites are an effective medium to demonstrate thought leadership and expertise.
Q&A sites are ideal for product promotion.
It is difficult to build trust on a Q&A site.
Networking is less effective on a Q&A site than on a social news site.
Consumers trust discussion forums more than Q&A sites.

Q&A sites are an effective medium to demonstrate thought leadership and expertise.

Why are review sites not considered an important tool for social media marketers?
Marketers can’t really use review sites as a social channel without risking negative consequences.

What helped foster Digg’s transparency?
Its lack of editors

On discussion forums, a troll is
Someone who attacks or personally insults other users.

Which statement is false?

Discussion boards are the youngest of the three types of sites discussed in this chapter.
Online news readership has overtaken newspaper readership
Quora has helped create new interest in Q&A sites
News has become more personal and social.
Q&A sites provide firms with innovative ways to build brands.

Discussion boards are the youngest of the three types of sites discussed in this chapter.

What is the most important factor in an article’s success on a social news site?
The article title.

What is a social news site?
A site that lets users submit links to news stories or other web pages to be ranked displayed.

Marketers should follow and participate in online discussion forums because
They can be valuable sources of free product research, market research and focus groups.

One defining characteristic of a virtual world is
It involves a computer based simulated environment.

Why are QR codes appealing to marketers?
They allow a brand to link mobile computing to location-based marketing

What is one of the trends forecast for mobile computing?
The ability of phones to track a person’s daily routine and serve them relevant ads.

A smartphone
Combines the elements of a PDA and a cell phone.

The defining characteristic of a location based social network is
Users can share their location with friends.

An example of a smartphone operating system is

Why was the Dunkin’ Run app considered successful?
It served a consumer need and wasn’t just about marketing.

Why are location based social networks such a growth opportunity for marketers?
They show a high level of adoption already, indicating that growth will continue as smartphone adoption increases.

Why do some location based social networks include game mechanics in their features?
To increase user engagement.

What is the impact of the growth of smartphones?
More people are accessing social networks with mobile devices

One of the challenges a branded mobile social network faces is
It is difficult for consumers to find.

What is the most popular form of marketing on location based social networks?
Coupons, deals and discounts

According to the text, most marketers spend how much a month on social media monitoring tools?
Less than $100

Evaluation is important for measuring social media because
It allows brands to assess the impact and value of their social media marketing programs

The Net Promoter Score
Measures the loyalty of a brand’s relationship with its customers

A benchmark or baseline measurement is important because
It acts as a starting point and standard to compare progress of strategies

Why is ROI not considered an ideal qualitative measurement for social media?
it is difficult to tie increased sales to qualitative metrics like share of voice and sentiment analysis.

What is one disadvantage of free social media monitoring tools?
They provide a lot of information that can be overwhelming

What must a brand do in order to make quantitative social media metrics useful?
It must tie each metric to a specific marketing goal.

The text indicates that ____ is a KPI for fostering dialogue.
Audience engagement

What is social media measurement?
The measurement of the volume of content and sentiment of a brand on the social web.

What did the early adopters of social media monitoring use it for?
To monitor it for negative comments about a brand

Sentiment analysis
Must be tracked over time in combination with other measurements to provide useful data

When presenting a social media marketing plan to an organization’s top executives, why is it important to include a detailed budget request?
it shows how the overall social media budget will be spent.

A Social Media SWOT Analysis
Can help a company conduct a competitive analysis of the social web.

Free monitoring tools are useful for
Observing what people are saying about a brand.

What is one potential effect of too much cross-utilization of content?
It might be seen as spam by search engines.

Tuning is
The ongoing process of adjusting a social media marketing plan to ensure its goals are achieved.

Creating a vanity URL for a Facebook page is an example of

Why is brand health an important part of the listening phase?
It helps a company identify its current social media presence, and serves as a starting point for strategy development.

When setting goals for a social media marketing plan, it is important to
Identify those goals that will achieve a competitive advantage for the company.

Why is an executive summary an important element of a social media marketing plan?
It provides a first impression and highlights the primary benefits of the social media marketing plan.

Personas are part of which stage in the Social Media Marketing Planning Cycle?
Target audience

Which SWOT Matrix strategy would be one where a company focused on overcoming weaknesses in its social media profiles in order to follow new opportunities in both new and existing social media platforms?
W-O Strategy

When a company is identified as being in the intermediate stage of social media, it
Is in a position to use management systems to create engaged communities on various platforms.

What is one of the biggest challenges marketers face when developing a tracking plan?
Identifying relevant keywords that will retrieve useful data

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