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Miz Crocker’s Essay

Essay Topic:

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Setting- This is set a “narrow, sun-splotched road, which wound like a lazy red (sand) serpent dividing the high forest bank of quiet, old trees on the left from the cotton field, forested by giant green-and-purple stalks, on the right. ” The sky is blue and there are large grey clouds in the sky. However, every so often the sun peeps through the clouds. Character- There is only one character, which is Clayton Chester Logan, also known as Little Man. He is a six year-old Negro boy and has just finished his first day at school.

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Like his Uncle Hammer he has a “fiery temper”.

This fiery temper will be shown when acting. Little Man- “It’s not fair, man (looking down). I never had a book before. Never in ma whole life (kicking the dust). Sure mama’s got loads of books. But I ain’t never had one of my own. So you could imagine how excited I was when Miz Crocker went an’ told us we were getting “new books” (emphasising sarcastically ‘new’). I nearly fell off of my seat I was so chuffed (laugh slightly to himself). I couldn’t believe it, man. We were getting new books, well, that’s what Miz Crocker said. How wrong she was (stuffing his fists inside his pocket)?

I weren’t the only boy in the room excited; ya could see it on their faces. It were my first day as well, getting new books, gee, it was som’int (a slight smile on his face). Miz Crocker kept talking and talking and talking, it seeming like forever (emphasising ‘talking’). (There is a slight pause. Meanwhile, he is still walking slowly and not picking his feet up but dragging them along. He then looks up at the sky, pulls a hand out of his pocket to shade his eyes. Then takes the other hand out and picks up a twig from on the floor. Throughout the next passage he fiddles with the stick, tearing bits off and throwing it)

We’re made to say, “We promise to take care of our new books” (said in a higher pitch sarcastic voice). She sure was takin’ her time about it. Watching us suffer. I sssoooo wan’ed a new book (to be said eagerly). Strange though, Cassie didn’t. I didn’t know why she didn’t, but she just didn’t (having a confused look). At one point I started to panic. The pile on Miz Crocker’s desk was going, fast. ‘Oh man’, I thought ‘the only time I have a chance to get a new book there wont be enough. ‘ (Finishing ripping the stick he picks up another one).

Just at that second she said, “There are plenty of readers for you” (a sigh of relief). Finally it were ma turn to go and collect ma new book, I had waited for look enough. (A large grin across his face and suddenly walking swiftly for a few seconds. He is re-anacting what actually happened to him. Walking out to the front, standing by her desk with his hands held out waiting to receive the book) So you could imagine my face when I received the book, it weren’t new at all (grin and head drops to a sad looking face). I couldn’t believe it. (Head rises again) I were gettin’ sadder by the second (begin to walk again).

It were a dirty red, well, I think it were red couldn’t see under all the crayon, mud, dust and other stuff (kicking the sand high up in the air) I then did what any other person would have done (comes to a halt and says slowly) “could I have another one because this one is dirty”. Miz Crocker’s eyes were glued on mine. (Still stood still his eyes glued slightly fowards to the road ahead). She screamed (said in a sarcastic high pitch voice) “What’s that you said, Clayton Chester Logan? ” (Start walking slowly again) I new I were in trouble cause she call me Clayton Chester Logan. I didn’t know what I should do.

(Turning around looking everywhere) The rest of the class went quiet. I knew all the eyes in the room were on me. So I did what I were told to do repeat myself (comes to another halt) “I-I said may I have another book please ma’am… that ones dirty”. (Looking upwards) She stood up real tall, man, ma first day and I’m already in trouble. I continued to look straight at her, I didn’t wanna show her I were weak. (While standing still a car drives by and startles him. He has to jump to the side to let the car go by. Then gets back on the track and walks slowly again continuing were he left off).

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