Misuse knowledge Essay

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Misuse knowledge

One of the notable books I have read is Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. It is a memorable and meaningful book that has a great impact on my personality. I was able to discover many things not only about life, society and history but also about mankind itself. One of the concepts satirized in the book is scientists and the scientific approach as a whole. The book shows science as a cold and inconsiderate entity, one that comes from man’s obsession for what Vonnegut argues is fruitless knowledge, as man will only misuse knowledge.

It depicts many things and I was able to realize that the book is of great help in learning about science and its relation to people on earth. Aside from the fact that I read the book out of requirement of my English Grade Twelve class, I became personally touched by the story because it highlights how science can be misused against man and cause undesirable consequences. I became more aware of my actions and promised myself to put more importance to science once I become a professional.

The book discusses pessimisms in an increase in man’s moral figure but still I view it very differently. For me, it is a precaution of sorts for men and women of science to not seek science for the sake of science itself, but rather for the betterment of man and society as a whole, and how engineers in particular must be responsible with their creations lest it be used against their common man.

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